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Tim comes in and tells the designers that they will have 10 minutes before they head down to the runway and he's serious about the 10-minute thing. Crickets. He asks if anyone is even listening to him and everybody answers. Terri says, "You're good, baby." Ooh, if I'm not incorrect, I believe Terri is sporting one of those Bono charity t-shirts. Yes, she is.

As they are heading downstairs, Emily says that she's happy with her dress. Again, it's like she's writing her own eulogy. The poll this week is "Should 'Holla At Cha Boy' Be Tim's New Catch Phrase?" (Their spelling of "Cha"? I refuse to participate.) The choices are "A) Absolutely B) Nothing Will Replace 'Make It Work.'" Oddly there's no "C) I will kill you."

Heidi greets the designers on the runway. She introduces Michael and Nina. Our guest judge is "New York nightlife aficionado" Sandra Bernhard. OK, in the recaplet, I spelled her last name "Bernhardt" which was totally stupid of me. I love Sandra Bernhard. If you've never seen the film version of Without You I'm Nothing, you've got to cozy up to your TV with your Netflix and your Remy Martin and do it. It's so good. That said, there's some unfortunate pin curl action going on with Ms. Bernhard's hair. It's a mistake. She says "hi," and the designers applaud. Rayon just sort of kisses at her in the air, he doesn't even blow it to her. Apparently, in the fall she's going to take Without You I'm Nothing on a nationwide tour. Uh, rad.

The show begins with Keith's design. It's still totally shapeless, except for the shape that lots of little clumps of fabric gives something. Keith thinks it has texture and movement, like the city. He's right about that, but the dress doesn't look pretty on his model. And on someone with less than a model figure? Scary to think about.

Next up is Blayne's design. It's a black dress with three-quarter sleeves. Starting at the neck, there is a trail of neon fabrics that travels down the left side of the dress, ending with a hot pink handkerchief panel to the skirt. It's pretty cool. Blayne thinks it's flirty.

Next is Joe's design. His inspiration was a metal and glass lighting fixture. His dress is a gold bustier and black skirt. The bustier has ribbing that mimics the metal that was in his inspiration. It's pretty literal. There's a chain that runs from the middle of the neckline of the bustier to the neck where it meets a black choker. It's kind of ugly. Joe feels like the design conveyed exactly what he wanted.

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