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Emily's dress is next. It's a one-shouldered black minidress. There's a cluster of chiffon ruffles across the bust and down the right side of the dress. Honestly, it's not horrible. A bit boring and of questionable taste, but we've all seen worse. She thinks that the dress is a clear depiction of the photo she chose, but she's not sure she representing herself as a designer clearly enough.

Here we have Leanne's design. It's a black and gray multi-tiered skirt topped by a simple black camisole. It's really nice. The tiers of the skirt look a lot like her picture of the tree planter. Leanne says that she feels like the design is her. She edited, which she thinks the judges will appreciate.

Next is Jennifer's design. No. It's a blue, cream, and black dress with an empire waist and elbow-length sleeves. Daniel was exactly right. It's matronly. It almost looks like maternity wear. Jennifer says that the dress is a pretty literal depiction of her photo, but it's not as fun and young as she would like for it to be. She's getting very nervous.

Here's Jerell's dress. It's a floor-length dress in two shades of earthy, yet opulent green. It is strapless and and there's a long ruffled train in the back. This night out in New York City apparently includes no walking. His inspiration was the fountain at Washington Square Park. He says that he hopes that the judges see his design as fulfilling exactly what the challenge asked for.

Wow, here's Kelli's design. It is tough. And it is dirty. It's a black leather skirt, topped with a silver ruffled waistband and a black cutout top. It's really cool. Kelli is very happy with her model, Germaine.

Daniel's design is next. It's a strapless party dress with a black bodice and a gold lamé skirt. There's a bow at the waist and a swath of gold fabric that extends from it over the right shoulder. Daniel is very happy with it. It's a pretty dress.

Here's Kenley's dress. It's a minidress with a high collar and puffed three-quarter sleeves. It is super-fitted in the bodice and is made almost completely of a tropical blue print fabric. The skirt is bubbled and half of it is made from purple tulle. Kenley says that she loves it and wouldn't do anything different.

Rayon's dress is next. It's a shiny brown halter dress with a collar. There is gold beading along the bodice. His photo is a streaked night shot. He says that he loves his dress, but he's afraid that the judges will think his interpretation of the photo is too abstract. We can hope.

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