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Stella's design is next. It's tight gray leather pants and a silver vest with a halter-top. The top is tied in the back and the pants are tied in the front. Stella says her design is bright, pretty, and hard. That means she likes it.

Korto's design is next and it's a black pantsuit with wide flowing legs. The collar is circular and it is backless. It's very pretty. Not very young or hip and I'm not sure how it manifests the photo she took, which is of the elaborate ceiling of some room. I guess it's in the collar.

Here's Terri's design. It's this fancy print fabric that she found. The fabric is transparent and flowing. She has made a high-collared, long-sleeved dress that comes to the knee. When the model turns, we see it's mostly backless. She has paired the dress with a pair of black slacks. It's very cool. Terri loves it, but she knows she has taken a risk.

Afterwards, Keith, Kenley, Emily, Terri, Jennifer, and Leanne are called forward. The others are moving on to the next challenge and leave the stage. The models return to the stage. Kenley is asked to describe her design. She says that she wanted the dress to look artistic. Sandra says that you have to be as thin as Kenley's model to wear that dress. Kenley disagrees and thinks that maybe the bubble skirt could hide something, but that argument doesn't go anywhere. Michael says it's very 80's, but he likes it. Nina feels that it's updated. She loves the volume.

Keith says that he wanted to create something where the beauty was hidden within. Michael says that it looked like toilet paper when his model walked down the runway. Heidi doesn't like the shape. Nina doesn't feel that it's polished. Keith says that it was his point-of-view, but Nina persists and says that the effect is sloppy instead of "together."

Terri says that she knew she wanted to work with graffiti. Her girl, she says, is the life of the party. Sandra wrote, "Fierce, sexy, in control." Terri thanks her. Heidi believes that if Terri's girl were walking down a dark street and someone were following her, she would turn and say, "I've got a knife and I will cut you up." Charming. Heidi loves it. Michael thinks that she's a girl that you'd want to know.

Emily describes the movement in her photo. Sandra says that she would have been more interested if the movement had been incorporated into the dress (as opposed to tacked onto it). This is over-the-top and "cha-cha." Nina thinks she's having a "Carmen Miranda moment," which makes Emily cringe. Michael tells her that "when in doubt, keep it simple."

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