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Heidi says that this competition is not "child's play" though Tim is waiting for them at a very "sweet" location. Hmm, they're on their way and Dmitry interviews that sweets and kids are not for him. Tim meets the designers at Dylan's Candy Bar. Yeah, that place is the fucking best. Like, if you don't like candy, you'll still like it here. Also, you're weird if you don't like candy. Dylan Lauren is standing with him. She is the proprietor of the shop as well as the daughter of Ralph Lauren. Tim says that, because of this, fashion and candy have always had a big connection for Dylan and that really doesn't make any sense at all. So, if Dylan had become an astronaut, space and fashion would always have had a big connection? I understand the need to wrap everything up but we're going to have to do a little better than that.

Tim announces that this is the unconventional materials challenge. They're going to make fashion out of clunky segues. But really, they're going to use candy in the store to create a look. Gunnar, who just continues to seem so incredibly high strung, says that he dreamt about a candy challenge before he came on the show! And, now it's here! He's gonna tear it up, so says he! The designers are getting $250 for the challenge and Dylan is giving them half off, so that's $500 of candy that can be purchased for these looks! That's a lot. Dylan jokes that they can't eat the product. The hell, I'd say. Anyway, they get to shopping. Tim seems enthralled with the store. He finds some candy Legos and is stunned. Dude, I don't need Legos to be made of candy in order to eat some Legos.

Everybody's dashing around and Elena and Sonjia accidentally smack heads and it looks and sounds incredibly painful. Buffi, who spells her name with an i everyone, knows the score and says it's wise to stay away from actual fabrics that might be available for purchase the Bar. Cut to Andrea who has asked a store clerk to hold some t-shirts so she can decide which she likes best. Like, if they had a challenge at a truck stop, it would be wisest to try to make your look from Slim Jims and Bugles instead of trying to refashion the "Bet mine is LONGER" hat with the long bill into some sort of corset. Melissa and Gunnar are giddy when they find some jelly beans in shades of purple and black. Kooan also wants to make sure that his look is completely made of sweets. Lantie says that she's less concerned with the candy, which she is also EATING despite Dylan's orders, and more interested in what fabric will be used to support all of the candy. I guess they're not allowed to use muslin? Cause that would be a helluva lot better than the wrapping paper she has in her basket. Christopher makes some joke to a clerk that goes like this: "How much is a chocolate boyfriend?"

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