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Everyone checks out without incident, though we do see Gunnar boss the staff around and demand to be treated nicely regarding the price which is already half-off. Fabio tells us that he's thinking Jackie O as his inspiration- something kind of Chanel-inspired. He decides to smash some rock candy and use it as texture. Buffi is going to make a circle dress and really wants the judges to think that it's wearable. Elena is using licorice because she finds it very linear. Yes, She plans on making some really pronounced shoulder pads too.

Tim comes in for a consultation and notes that everyone is very quiet. They're probably sugar crashing. He encourages everyone to push at the boundaries when attempting to wow the judges. He reminds Christopher that he has immunity for this challenge (shot of Gunnar looking on) and, though he could take a nap for this challenge, he doesn't advise it. Christopher jokes that that's why he bought the pillow he's holding. The winner of this challenge will also receive immunity. He reminds them to have fun then leaves.

Tim leaves and Christopher interviews that he saw Gunnar rolling his eyes at him. Gunnar says that Christopher must be intimidated by him, either his talent or his personality, but he's definitely intimidated. Or? Maybe he's just uncomfortable around him because you're so nakedly gross and mean. You little prick. And, here's the point where I reveal that I am not a fan of Gunnar's. I know, right? I kept that a pretty well-shrouded secret for all of 15 or 20 minutes of the last episode. Life is just too short to pretend that shrill little assholes like him aren't exactly that. Hey, congrats, you want things. The rest of us have some fucking things that we would like to happen in the world too and you're sucking all of the oxygen out of the room, so stop.

Alicia tells us that she's going to make a one-shouldered overall. It will be green and red at the top and filter into some dusty chocolate at the bottom. It's all supposed to represent the earth. Sonjia is making this really elaborate breastplate and it looks like they are allowed to use muslin. Does Lantie know that? We see Gunnar offer half of a gummy worm or something to Buffi and Christopher says that he wants to keep his distance from Gunnar. He thinks that Gunnar is the evil twin and he's the nice twin. It's funny, I like Christopher so much and I wonder if it's because he actually seems like a nice guy or if it's because he's charismatic. I feel like he could get me to rob a bank.

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