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Buffi is using an umbrella as part of her design, so she has to hammer off all of the inside umbrella stuff. Ven is not happy about this. He interviews that she's loud and obnoxious and I just feel like he really hates her. That said, everyone does seem kind of pissed off at her. Lantie has a headache after all of the racket. She tells us that she is happy just to have the chance to attack this challenge after being in the bottom three. Then, she relays a story about how four years ago she was about to open a store when the economy went into the shitter. She had to file for bankruptcy, but she's back!! She says that she plans on making a one-shouldered bodice top that has a skirt. "Eye-catching" is what she's shooting for. Dmitry, who is seriously the dark prince of the room, says that Lantie is not pushing herself hard enough. I'd buy that. There does seem to be a sort of apathy and defensiveness about her.

Andrea tells Fabio that she's feeling very relaxed today. She's sure that will pass though. Then, she sews through one of the dots on those sheets of candy dots. She did that. She tells us that her birthday is on Halloween, so she has a strong attachment to candy. And demons. She says that she's going to make a long apron that perhaps would have been worn by a "Victorian candy bar clerk gone wild." Damn.

Fabio notices that Kooan is being very quiet today. He explains that it's just because he really wants to survive the competition. He's making a sweater dress out of Twizzlers and it looks effing rigorous. Melissa thinks that he's having a hard time right now. I think that hot gluing the ends of Twizzlers together is the perfect punishment for people who have done really horrible things and I really wouldn't poor Kooan in that category. Yet.

Sonjia and Ven are in the sewing room discussing the challenge as they work. Sonjia says that this shit is not supposed to look like Candyland. Ven goes further and says that the look should be covered in candy from head to toe but from far away it should just look like a great garment. He tells us that, when he graduated from FIT, he was named Designer of the Year and he won all four awards for which his class was available. OBNOXIOUS. Whatever. And, it had never happened before. He's a fucking nerd fashion unicorn. Great. And, he's here to win Project Runway. He certainly won't be winning Miss Congeniality.

With eight hours remaining in the work day, Tim comes in to give everyone their pep talk. He starts with Nathan who is making some sort of bubble skirt. He tells Tim that he's concerned about the weight of the garment. Tim tells him that he should be fine, provided that the waistband he creates is good and secure.

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