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Tim makes his way over to Christopher and says, "How's Christopher?" He replies, "How's Tim?" I love that he sort of flirts with Tim all of the time. It seems to me that it makes Tim nervous and uncomfortable and I can't say that I don't find it kind of compelling to watch. Sorry Tim. He finds Christopher's design to be very ambitious and reminds him that, after winning the first challenge, he'll want to keep himself on the pedestal that the judges no doubt have him on. Speaking of, No Doubt has a new album and Gwen Stefani looks EXACTLY THE SAME AS SHE DID IN 1995. That's bizarre. Forgive me, but has she guest judged this show? It seems like she should have at some point, yes?

Well, anyway, stupid fucking Gunnar needs to interview that he would have done something MUCH different from what Christopher is doing, ESPECIALLY if he were working with immunity. He would have just pushed that envelope all the way into the mailbox or wherever the hell we push our envelopes when we feel like we need to be just OUT THERE. God, Gunnar, you're going to make this simultaneously very, very easy and miserable for me this season, aren't you?

Raul has fashioned a fabric from candy that shows very little trace of its candy origins. Tim says that he is flabbergasted. We can't really pick much out about the design, but that fabric is pretty remarkable. Melissa is making this intricate top with licorice and Tim thinks that it looks beautiful. She is visibly relieved to hear that. Elena tells Tim that she's making a monochromatic look. After explaining her design, she tells Tim that she's worried about the judges telling her that there is not enough color in the design. Well, she's only using white. What else are they supposed to think? Tim explains gently to her that, since she has chosen white as the only representation of color, she will really just have to commit to that. Raul says that he thinks Elena is a very good designer, but he's not sure that her aesthetic will appeal to the judges.

Wow, Sanjia's bodice is gorgeous! All of these jelly beans and gummy sharks create the look of sea glass. Tim says that it's really spectacular. Ven interviews that she might really be competition for him. When Tim talks to him, he is typically blah and Tim just sort of nods along in agreement. Fabio, who had earlier seemed to have a pretty good handle on what he was trying to do, has had real severe issues with execution. He said he plans on gluing the shit out of his garment and Tim says that it is certainly that kind of moment. Yikes. Buffi is making a weave with... candy. Jesus, I'm not a brand manager here. IT'S ALL CANDY. For some reason, I'm feeling pressure to know what kind of candy it is and I just don't, OK? It's taffy? I don't know. Anyway, Tim's into the weave. It's the construction now that will determine whether or look is a success. Lantie interviews that she finds Buffi's style garish and I'm wondering, other than a few loud moments, what it is that has turned people off so much. She really hasn't made a lot of friends here. Christopher likes her though.

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