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Ven is pretty convinced that it will be either him or Sonjia who wins this challenge. I could buy that assessment. For her part, she has respect for Ven but feels that she's edgier than him. She also, in general, likes edgier things than Ven makes. So, in case you weren't listening, she does not like Ven's work.

We're back with Andrea. You know, for all of her hippie dippy speak, she revealed herself as having quite the artistic temperament with her on-camera fit. I mean, we're all allowed to be upset about stuff, but to me that behavior indicates someone acting like they've been surprised and there is NOTHING surprising about the way things have gone. They've been 100% par for the course to this point. So, she says that she takes Tim's critique very seriously in the same way that she would take seriously telling a student of hers that if they didn't get something right they would flunk out of college. That's "heavy," indeed. But, she regrets taking apart her design. Now, she has lost time and she was going to believe in herself all along. Lame. So, she's going with her original idea, but to be fair she assumes that she will be going home the next day.

Lantie is a disaster. She just seems to shut down at some point, which it appears that she has done once more. She's starting over with her design and really just using some fabric from umbrellas. She said she'll be using a little candy but it seems that she's not really invested in transforming the materials. Gunnar says that she has dug her grave and now she's stepping in the coffin. OK. Sounds like a lot more work than what she has actually done, but I'll go with it. I understand what you mean, G. Ven thinks that Kooan's design exhibits some humor, but he isn't sure how many women will want to buy those clothes. You have been heard, Ven.

Everybody burns themselves with hot glue, but finally Elena drops some on her thigh and has to get a visit from the medic. She's wailing and feeling really sorry for herself. Christopher feels badly for too but wonders why she's wearing hoochie shorts to work. That's really unfair. I mean, no one asked Mondo that. The day is over and it looks like everyone lived.

The next morning, Elena is still in pain but brave girl pushes through. When they get to the workroom, Kooan's cotton candy had disappeared after absorbing moisture from air. Buffi has the same problem but it's only for her headpiece. Tim comes in and wishes everyone luck. Then, the models come in. Licorice is falling off of Elena's dress. Fabio is really sweet to her as she's fighting off a freak-out. Ven very wisely tells his model to stay away from the other models so that his dress doesn't get injured. Sonjia is the last person out of the room and Tim totally scolds her!

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