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On the runway, Heidi is wearing another weird outfit. Like, seriously, she's never ever worn anything that I've liked less. It's, dare I say, dumpy? She introduces Michael, Nina and Dylan Lauren. She seems sweet, no pun intended. It's time for the show!

We start with Gunnar's dress. It's a sleeveless black and white dress with a skirt at the very high waist. The pattern is checkered and the skirt is totally black. I'm not a fan of the design but the workmanship is pretty splendid, especially considered the boxes in the checkered pattern are not very large, so that took a lot of careful consideration, in order to make the pattern cohesive. He loves it, but that's no surprise.

Sonjia's look is next and it's spectacular. It's a short dress with like side bustles. All over it's decorated with nautical-styled beading and, no like, ya'll people should wear candy if this is what it means. Because, while it's transformed, I still want to eat it and that, I say, makes it special. Sonjia's very happy with it. She says that all of the hot glue burns have been worth it.

Here's Melissa's work. It's a short black skirt with a slinky black camisole-shaped top. There's all sort of texture happening and frankly, none of it looks like candy. So, really, bravo to her. Also, it's very much like her traditional aesthetic, which I find impressive. I have a feeling that Melissa's going to start getting bashed soon for not being diverse enough, but right now it's so completely competent that I enjoy it. She's thrilled that the licorice looks like leather.

Here's Nathan's look and that skirt that he was working on weighs 20 pounds. I guess you would get a workout from wearing it. Or joint damage. There's is foil-wrapped candy all over. It's beautiful but very costume-y.

Well, here we have Andrea's look. It's the apron and there's a bustle skirt poking out of the back. Yes, it's all wrong. Yes, it does not look like anything that anyone would wear or has worn. Is it the worst thing ever? No. It is not. I don't know what to say. It has an appeal. It's an ultimately dumb design but it has some whimsy and history and, I don't know, it's not that horribly made from my vantage point.

Alicia's jumper is up now and it's hot. It almost looks like a hula skirt. Since the jumper is one-shouldered, she has also created a little beaded bandeau top that is just the cutest. Alicia feels like this look really makes a statement. There's probably the teensiest bit too much non-candy fabric happening but I don't think you can argue with the interesting pattern she made with the candy.

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