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The designers meet Tim in the workroom. This is the HP/Intel challenge. They're going to be using lots of fancy computer. They get to create textile designs from scratch, which really excites Anthony because his background is in graphic design. Each team will create a five look collection as well as designing and producing a full-fledged fashion show. Viktor asks what that means and Tim says that they will choose music and projections and whatnot for their show. Fun! At least three designs from each collection need to prominently display the textile designs. Becky is nervous about getting all of this done in two days, along with also having to appear as if they have their shit together. Tim says that the technology that they're using is really special and HP/Intel has sent someone to give them advice about it. It's Betsey Johnson! She's rad. Laura interviews that she always says that she's the love child of Betsey Johnson and Oscar de la Renta...if they were to have a baby. It would be hard to be their love child otherwise, but I'm just being ornery. I think I've stopped liking her. There's something really bitchy and kind of stupid about her that just rubs me the wrong way. Here's Viktor in another one of his cute tees. He loves Betsey's hair. She says that her first task when creating a show is to think of the girl -- who is she? Is she tough, cool, etc? They watch a video of one of Betsey's shows. The projection is of the Brooklyn Bridge and there's even a dotted line on the runway to mimic the walkway on the bridge. Cool! We even get to see Betsey's trademark cartwheel. Crossing my fingers that Bert decides that he'd like a handspring to be his trademark. Betsey says that people have to throw away their egos and work for the team. Heh. I'm sure that she has no idea. Becky interviews that she's pumped now and thinks that they can do this.

Betsey somersaults out of the door and Tim tells them that they will have some time to caucus, then some time to design their textiles. The digital files will be sent away and they'll see the designs the next day. So, the groups get together and Anthony proposes that they use ink blotting similar to Rorschach tests as a theme. Anya is totally on board and the rest seem to agree as well. That would be very helpful clothing. If you were wearing a certain pattern and someone else was reminded of their mother or of wood chippers or mud or poison ivy or something, you'd know to get the hell away from them as quickly as possible. At least that's what my zero knowledge of Rorschach testing tells me. I'm glad we had this time together.

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