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Josh is so unreasonable that it's not even a real conversation to put together. Bert seems really perplexed. Becky thinks that Josh has something going on that he's not talking about. He really won't let go of Bert having said the F-word and I just don't recall him ever being so clean in his speech. Didn't he just say goddamn? That's not exactly tea time talk. Bert even tries to say that he's fine with the patterns that they have, but Josh stomps off saying that he's ready to forfeit. Seriously, I feel like there's a whole other show that we're not seeing. Because this doesn't even really fit in the show we're watching. Kimberly thinks that all of this is unnecessary. Let's hear it for the non-totally damaged grown-up on this year's season! Bert finds the drama amateurish and beneath him. Laura follows Josh to talk about what's up. Becky susses out that it may be about the recent death of Josh's mother. Josh tells Laura that he wants to work on the video with her and the other can go to Mood. I just really hate him, y'all. I'm sure he's got some grief stirring, but he's so much drama. Laura says that she can handle Josh and is fine working with him.

Back in the workroom, Laura tells the others what she wants from Mood. Bert is glad to be going to Mood with Becky and Kimberly. Laura is still not excited about clocks. Team Chaos is having a great time. They talk about things that they want to capture for their video and Bryce jokes that they should just film Viktor booty-shaking. Viktor demonstrates. Fun! Somebody's having fun! Becky longingly admires Team Chaos' team spirit.

Viktor and Bryce go out and shoot a bunch of chaotic New York moments in Times Square. Meanwhile, the others are at Mood. Everything seems to be going smoothly. Josh decides that their video is going to be about a girl wearing a lot of shoes. Laura is the girl, though Josh is sure to direct her as to how to be the proper woman. He's so tired. Laura and Josh finally decide to shoot a few clocks. Back at the workroom, the Team Chaos video is clearly more inspiring. Anya suggests a kaleidoscopic split-screen for the video that everyone seems to like.

Everyone starts working on their designs when Josh stops the room to make an announcement, which Bert regards as typical of his behavior. He apologizes for his earlier outburst and they hug it out. Bert wishes that he'd come to him privately and figures that he's backtracking in preparation for his future appearance on the runway.

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