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Standing For It, He Will Not

The next day, the textiles arrive. Everyone seems excited. Kimberly says that she and Laura are the bolts, everyone else on her team is nuts. Right now, it looks like everything is moving pretty smoothly with the designs. Kimberly doesn't want to use any of the textiles, because she thinks they're ugly.

Anya and Laura talk over a meal. Anya eats? I guess nobody's perfect. Laura says that Becky's look is boring. She takes issue with Becky calling herself rock-a-billy, when she thinks she's more "Judy Jetson with a vacuum cleaner." I think she means Jane Jetson. Judy really didn't do a lot of chores. And, anyway, there were mostly robots and stuff to do that, except for the things that Jane did because she's a woman and, even in a crazy technologically advanced age, needs to be chained to her house. A prisoner. Laura calls out to Becky that she thinks that Becky's skirt with the number print is boring, so Becky says that she can make a skirt out of all of the prints and they'll decide which is best. She interviews that it's suspicious that Laura is talking about her to Anya, instead of her.

Tim comes in and feels the positive energy from Team Chaos. Laura says that she agrees with Tim and likes their prints better than her own team's. Nuts & Bolts presents to Tim and he says that he doesn't like Laura's jumpsuit. He questions why Bert didn't make a princess seam for his dress. He doesn't like Becky's original skirt. He thinks that Kimberly's fabric for her skirt looks like faux poodle. Josh hasn't even designed a top for his look and Viktor overhears and displays a look of horror. Tim asks him where his girl is going and he says that the doesn't like the idea that you have to think of where the girl is going. I mean, that's not completely unreasonable, what he's saying, but that's the name of the game. Get over it. Tim tells him to drop his ego and work as a team, because they are not showing any sort of "wow" moment at the present time. Tim asks them to join hands. There's a "wow" moment. Tim just called the Big Guy in to the workroom.

Later, Josh says to Laura that he hasn't had a critique from Tim that went that poorly. Then, he tearfully says in an interview that he works very hard at what he does and getting a bad critique is hurtful. He says that he comes from a humble family and doesn't get to visit home a lot. He wants all of the moments he has missed with his family to matter one day. I totally get that, but it doesn't mean you are the only one going through that. And, being able to follow your dream is a blessing, not a punishment (not actually sure about that, but I'm saying it -- eek! Get back to me). He calls his dad and says that he misses his mom. Her birthday just passed. He really starts sobbing in an interview and says that he didn't get to make it back from New York to see his dying mother. That's fucking rough. He just wants it to be worth it. I feel horrible for him, but stuff like that should make you a better person, not more of a nightmare.

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