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The models come in for a fitting. Josh still doesn't have a top. He interviews that he felt ugly when he freaked out at Bert. He's really complimentary to Bert about his design and Bert seems to appreciate the attempts at teamwork. Anya is not crazy about Bryce's look. Anthony is worried that Olivier is spending too much time on his jacket.

Later, at the Atlas Building, the girls discuss that their team has come back together. We'll see how long that lasts. The next day, they're all back at work. Josh tells Laura that he doesn't even know how to feel. He's wearing the most ridiculous shirt that I have ever seen. Anthony is still worried about Olivier. Hair and make-up! Still no fighting. Even up to Tim leading the designers out of the workroom and to the runway, everyone seems remarkably placid. I'm terrified. Josh reveals that his shirt is designed to distract, in case things don't go well.

On the runway, Heidi introduces the judges, including guests Rachel Roy and Rose Byrne. No, I do not know why they're doing this together. Those ladies are seriously good-looking. The show begins with Team Nuts & Bolts. Bleh. That name doesn't get any less stupid the more you write it. The first look is Josh's. It's a pair of slacks in one of their textiles. They are black and white with some sort of writing on them that I can't really make out. Above is a midnight blue camisole under a short black and white jacket. The lapels are like cogs that fit into the other side of the jacket. The back meets in the same way and there are vents underneath which you can see more of the fabric with the writing. This isn't horrible, but it feels dissonant. Josh says that he's happy with his execution of the blazer.

Next is Becky's look. She made a short skirt in the same material that Josh used. On top is a chartreuse camisole and a short black blazer. Also dissonant. Boring too. Becky is worried about the top.

Bert's dress is next. It's pretty cute. A one-shouldered dress in the cog fabric that Becky designed. The dress is a tiny bit shorter than tea length and the model is wearing ankle boots, which is a problem. Anya whispers that the length is horrible, but I think it's the styling that's really suffering here.

Kimberly's look is next and it's a short skirt with some cloud-like volume, in a black and silver fabric. On top is a chartreuse blouse. It's really cute, though Kimberly is worried about the skirt being too short. There's a blue belt that has some of the cog action going on. They're achieving some sort of cohesion in this collection, but the agent is BOREDOM.

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