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Laura's jumpsuit is next. It's not great. She made a belt with the textile design with the writing on it. Bleh. It's just not modern and not pretty. Their projection had some clock action as well as Laura running around in shoes.

Team Chaos begins with Anya's piece. It's a short dress in an ink-blotted fabric, with short black sleeves. There's a thin black belt at the waist. It looks good. The back has a cut-out that has a squareness to it. Their projection is really... chaotic. In fact, it serves to make you focus on the clothes more.

Bryce's look is next and it's a slouchy red top with a pair of short shorts in another blotty fabric. Anthony's look follows and it's adorable. It's a white skirt with a little bit of a bubble to it and some black spots at the bottom. It's topped by a short-sleeved blouse in some of their signature textile, with a little red bow at the neck. He's super proud of his look. Olivier's look is next and you can see all of his tailoring. It's this jacket with a plunging neckline. Beautiful. Paired with pants in one of the textiles. He's incredibly proud of it, as he should be. Viktor is next and he made an evening gown. There is blotting on the bodice. It is skin tight and beautiful. He can't believe he made it.

Afterwards, Heidi tells Team Chaos that they are the... who are we kidding? No suspense here. Team Chaos won this shit. Backstage, Team N&B sits silently. Kimberly asks Josh why he's being so quiet, suddenly, for once. Becky says that he wants her and Bert to go home so he can "have his fun" with everyone. That was stupid. Bad attempt at confrontation. Josh says that this is not about fun, it's about creating a product that people will want. He thinks he can do that and he doesn't think Becky can.

Onstage, the judges are loving all of it. Michael thinks that Olivier made the best-tailored piece in the history of the show. Heidi thinks it's one of the best runway shows that the show has ever seen. Heidi asks each of them who they think should be the winner and they all choose themselves, except for Bryce who chooses Anya.

Team N&B is on the grill. Kimberly tries her damnedest to sell this theme, but she's not a superhero. So, the fabric with the writing that everyone is wearing says "cancelled" and "delayed" and Rachel thinks that's bad energy and something people wouldn't want to wear. They hated Josh's shoe idea in the video. Michael thinks that their styling is cohesive. Rose thought that the looks weren't attractive. Becky explains that she made her skirt three times. Michael hates everything but the jacket in Becky's outfit. He likes the cut of Bert's dress though. Bert explains that Josh was a nightmare, though he says that Josh apologized. Heidi remembers that Josh also fought with Becky. Becky agrees. Josh says that his design was still good, but Nina says that all of the prints are bad. Heidi asks who should go home. Laura says Bert. Bert and Becky say Josh. Josh and Kimberly say Becky.

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