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Muses Without Shoeses

Austin finds the perfect young girl in a feminine punk look. Kenley finds a really cool looking mom with a pretty striped top and a kid with a blurry face. Both agree to be muses. Do I need to go to a doctor if I say that Kenley really doesn't bother me much this season? I kind of like her? Mondo seems really forced asking this girl for her dress, but she totally goes for it! This dude totally macks on Kara. I love flirting in the daytime. He takes off his shirt for her and they are in love.

Anthony goes up to this seriously stacked shirtless guy and gets him to take off his pants. The guy was probably some sort of plant, but he and his body seriously brightened my day. I don't look a gift underwear model in see, that joke doesn't work because I look at a gift underwear model everywhere. Anthony says, "Ladies, that's how you get a man," which for some reason sets off some offended sensors in me but I'm not in the mood to listen to them too much.

At Mood, Anthony goes straight for wool crepes. Jerell doesn't buy any fabric, because he doesn't want to end up not having enough of the original garment in the design. Everybody is short on cash, which is interesting, right? Rami had like one penny left. Everybody shares and helps Kara get the supplies that she needs. Anthony makes a joke about always giving back to the community, which gives me chuckles!

At the workroom, everybody starts breaking down the clothes from their muses. Mondo says that's how he learned to design in the first place. Austin is excited about his muse, because he finds her actually inspiring. It looks like Jerell asks Anthony if he's using enough of the muse's clothing in his look and he's sure that he is. Michael doesn't know what to do. He's not inspired.

Everyone is working hard and Kara thinks that Rami's look is very pretty. And, the day is over! The next morning, at the Flatotel, Austin is blowing his hair out. He tells us that everyone's excited to get back to the workroom. Michael tells Austin that he's most excited about a crocheted element of his muse's look.

Anthony is having problems deciding what to do. Once they start working, Michael feels much better. Jerell says that he's going to expose some skin on his model. Joanna shows up and says that the streets of NYC are her favorite place to find inspiration. She starts talking with Mondo and says that he already has great street style. She asks him if this is a challenge he could finally win. PRESSURE. Jerell's look is crazy and Joanna says that it scares her a little bit. Anthony thinks that it looks like Coming to America. Mila thinks that Austin's look is overworked and cheap. Ouch.

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