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Drama alert: Kenley helps Kara finish her pants and Michael goes to buzz in Mila's ear about it. Mila interviews that she doesn't think that's right because this is a competition. Then, she says to Michael that she doesn't understand why Kenley is in everybody's business this morning, like some sort of teacher. We see what appears to be Kenley goofing, but whatever. Mila doesn't understand why she would be giving advice, since she's assuming that she wants to win. You know though, I've said something before about the zero-sum success idea. Maybe Kenley is just trying to have some good karma by helping others? Seriously, I prefer this Kenley SO MUCH more than what we've had before.

It's hair and make-up time. Michael has the nerve to say to hot make-up daddy that he's looking for "Sarah Jessica Parker circa 1999 meets 2002 but futuristic." And, sweet hot make-up dude does not counter with, "Exactly what do you mean? Because I'm not sure you actually know what you mean. I think you're just talking right now and thinking that maybe what you just said makes you sound like you have some sort of knowledge and I'm here -- as the hottest man that has ever put make-up on a bitch -- I'm here to tell you that you just said one of the lamest things I've ever heard. Now get the eff out of here before I pull some Brazilian jujitsu out and school your ass." It's time to go the runway!

On the runway, Angela introduces Georgina, Isaac and Sean Avery. Yes! He's a hockey star and former Vogue intern. I've waited on him a couple of times and he's a total stud. Right now, he's wearing glasses that I'm pretty sure don't magnify anything. The first look is Michael's. It's a one-piece strapless number with hot pants. I think it's pretty sexy. Totes unrealistic. I mean, no one could really wear this, but I could almost see it happening enough that I like it. Mila says aloud that his girl is very elegant.

Austin's look is next and it's very cute. It's sort of a structured version of his muse's look. She's wearing a little military-style jacket in a Chanel cut. The skirt is short and flared, with panels of leather and black and white stripes. It's really sexy and fun. Maybe a touch over-styled. Austin is thrilled with it.

Here comes Kara's look. It's some high-waisted super-fitted slacks with what is essentially a tube top with one strap. But, it's not stretchy. It's cute. Kara hopes that the judges notice clean lines and effortlessness.

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