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Mila made a look that is very Mila -- how lucky that her muse inspired her to be more herself. It's a striped white and gray top, cotton but cut on some sort of bias. I think it's cotton. It's topped by a black vest with leather lapels. The real accomplishment are the black and gray slacks that fit like a glove. Mila says that she did what she set out to do, which was present a girl who was cool and wearing something that she put together herself in a cool way.

Oh God- here's Jerell's look. What THE FUCK? I, um, wow. So, along with that crazy stuff up top, there's a low-rider skirt of the most disgusting tie-dyed fabric and some sort of waistband that has some interest to it, but it's too late for that. There's also like eight miles of skin between the top of the skirt and the bottom of the bikini top. It's like she is being prepped for surgery. And, Jerell? Is. Psyched. And psycho apparently. There's nowhere to go from here.

Rami's inspiration was a dude in a tie and he made some tailored shorts with a sleeveless bow-neck lady's business top sort of thing. There's a sleeveless vest as well. It's really pretty cute, except for the fedora that he used to top the look. Not into that.

Kenley's look is next. It's a very fitted black and white striped dress, with patches of color on the sides of the bust (yellow) and at the hips (pink). Kenley thinks that this is a very fun and versatile look. You know what I've noticed about this season? The models are seriously LEGIT. These girls all have the sickest bodies. Not that they were dogs before or anything, but they're truly pretty special this year. For instance, the fact that the model has such a knockout figure probably makes me like this dress a little more than I should. It's cute, but it looks just a little bit homemade.

Here's Anthony's look, straight from Studio 54. It's a pantsuit with a black halter top that is open in the middle all the way to the waist. The pants are fuschia and wide-legged and there's a voluminous sash at the waist. She's wearing some sort of mini-turban and carrying a tiny clutch made from the fabric that Maeve was wearing. This is what Maeve's sacrifice got for her. Somebody's not re-upping their donation to NPR this year. Anthony feels that it's tasteful and beautiful, which it is. What it is not is an accurate manifestation of the guidelines of the challenge.

Mondo's up! His girl is wearing a little bikini top of white and black, along with short shorts that, along with some black and white stripes, have a really graphic and colorful print on the sides. Best of all, he has made this cool little denim jacket with 3/4 sleeves. He says that it is made of 22 pieces, so there was a ton of seamwork. It's masterful. I can't believe it looks that good. He's really happy with the energy that his model is bringing to the runway and I second that. This girl has got it.

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