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After the show, Angela calls Kara, Mila and Kenley. They're safe. They leave the stage as the others' models return. They start with Rami. Everybody thinks that his tailoring is pretty impeccable. Angela says that she wishes that women in business suits worked this kind of style.

They're not happy with Michael's look. Angela and Georgina point out that women aren't really wearing stuff that's quite so skimpy. Isaac has a problem with the sagging at the bodice. You see, I didn't even notice that because his girl's so hot. Sean thinks that it might have been better had it been paired with something that made it less bare.

We Need To Talk About Jerell. Isaac says it looks like his girl should be in The Lion King, which Angela struggles not to laugh at. Sean says that his initial comment was "Lady Gaga meets Gwen Stefani at Burning Man on acid." Wow. That's pretty spot-on and actually does the look more service than it's worth. The lower silhouette, belly baring and all that, is reminiscent of Gwen Stefani and the super-busy top area reminds me of Gaga and it's all horribly hippie and gross. Bravo, Mr. Avery. Georgina says that she "absolutely LOVES" what he's done on the top. What? WHAT? I'm on another planet right now. She thinks the problem is that there are too many elements. Isaac thinks that the "big stomach" showing is not sexy. Sean says that he should never call a woman's stomach big. Touché.

Angela loves Mondo's look. She thinks that his muse would be really proud. Georgina remarks on the detailing in the jacket. Sean says that he could see girls wearing that look all over NYC.

Angela asks Anthony how much of his inspiration garments are in his final look. He says everything above the waist and the bag. Hmm. Sean says that he would take a double look at a woman wearing this outfit and asks Isaac if he would. "Don't ask him that," says Anthony. That's pretty funny. Neither Georgina nor Isaac thinks that his work really answers the challenge, though they both like the look.

Austin says that he was really inspired by the punk/glam/girly qualities of his muse. Georgina loves the proportion. Sean wonders if there's too much happening on the left shoulder of his jacket (there's some Goth corsage thing going on). Isaac says that when he saw all of the styling (i.e. ripped stockings, corsage, etc.) he wondered if this girl was out of control, but he actually really likes it. Angela says that she thinks his muse would be really happy to wear this look.

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