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Commercial Appeal

They bring the designers back onstage. Starr looks like she is going to cry. Commercials.

Jay is "in." But, not the winner. That kind of sucks. Austin is "in." He seems really relieved. Wendy is the winner. She is ecstatic. Nina says that, after "zoning in" on Wendy in the last weeks, she is really surprised by this week's design. Wendy leaves the stage. We hear her say in an interview that this is really huge for her. She starts crying: "Of course, it changed my life! How could it not?" Touching, but also weird. She seems angry while she is saying that. Again, I am met by the Wendy Pepper Dichotomy. I bet she is generally pretty kind in her normal life and just feels that the other designers will have other chances, but that this is HERS! That's still a mistake, but I just feel that she can't be this crazy villain. It's not like I love her or anything; I just don't think anyone could have been happier to win this challenge. Alexandra is "in." We're down to Starr and Robert. Starr is in a dark, dark place. According to Heidi's canned voice-over, Robert's piece lacked direction, while Starr's was too broad (as were her previous designs). Robert is in. He gives Starr a kiss and hug and she holds onto him and starts crying really hard. Heidi seems a little sad, while Deborah Lloyd seems to be relishing it a little bit. Robert leaves and goes backstage to hugs. Vanessa says of Starr, "She's going to have a nervous breakdown." Starr pulls herself together. Heidi finally finds a little tact and, instead of just telling Starr she's "out," says that the judges think she is talented, but are looking for someone more versatile. She shakes Starr's hand and says "Auf Wiedersehen." Starr repeats it back to her, holds herself, and walks offstage. Everyone hugs her backstage. Starr says in an interview that she didn't think this would be her time to go. As she is shown cleaning her workspace, we hear her say that this was a great opportunity for her. Good luck, Starr!

This season on Project Runway: all kinds of crazy shit. They show a huge trailer for the upcoming episodes: stupid Morgan apparently causes much more trouble. Nora and Kara Saun fight. Robert hurts his head. Wendy and Austin butt heads. Austin cries in front of the judges. The judges insult everyone. Can't wait!

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