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The next day, Austin insinuates that some of the other designers are hung over, but they don't seem that bad. At the workshop, Robert is still confused. He decides to merge his ideas. He has ice blue fabric, with leopard accents. Yes, leopard Nora reflects on last week's judgment that her dress was too simple. This one looks good. It's a gray satin, fitted, cocktail-length dress. There's a really interesting pleating that she does along the bust and back. It's very pretty. Nora says that she sees herself in the dress. Alexandra says her dress is like a "resort" dress. We only see the sketch. It has a low waist and a plunging neckline. Jay says that he is feeling much more confident. In an interview, he says that inspiration has been coming to him "cosmically." When he was thinking of his current design, he looked up and saw a picture of the Chrysler Building and thought, "The Chrysler Building is art deco!" So, his dress is modeled on the Chrysler Building, with lots of upward points and pleating like rays of sun. This guy is good. The dress is awesome. The bodice is mainly ice blue and the skirt is gray. ["This dress was so pretty. It may be my favourite design in the whole season." -- Wing Chun]

With three hours remaining in the day, Tim Gunn asks Starr how it's going. She says she needs more time, because her dress is more complicated than she thought it would be. Robert still seems really scattered. He tries to explain to Tim how he combined his ideas, and Tim says, "Like safari meets the ice cap." Robert registers a look than appears to say, "Yeah, my idea's really stupid." Tim eases out of the situation by noting that Robert is "taking risks." Later, while ironing his dress, Robert stains it. Nora tries to help him (with baby powder, which I've never heard of using as a stain-removing agent), to no avail. They leave the workshop for the day.

The next day, we see Robert working out. Once he's dressed, he says he is not nervous. He wants to transform himself, with no irony, into a "Banana Republican." I thought they were called Log Cabin Republicans. Kara Saun cooking eggs (and using a fork to stir them. Note to Kara Saun: don't use metal utensils in non-stick pans) says, that she is giving a Wendy Pepper a makeover. Bless you, Kara Saun, you are doing God's work. We see flashbacks of Wendy's previous makeup crimes. The new look is really good, with the exception of the infantile pin curls in her hair. Makeup is a check, though. It's so much better.

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