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Commercial Appeal

Wendy's model comes out. The model, Audrey, is really beautiful. She looks great in classic makeup. Wendy's dress, honestly, is pretty. It's a strapless midnight blue dress. The hem falls just above the knee, and there's a belt around the waist. As well, there is a matching short cape, which is really cute. Wendy looks very excited from the runway view.

Next, Jay's model walks. The dress looks just as beautiful as before. He has added a blue corsage to the bodice and given the model a blue wrap, which she carries loosely. Jay says in an interview, "I guess somewhere in my soul I knew I could do something that was pretty."

Kevin's girl comes out next. She's in a sleeveless black dress, with a high neck -- kind of like the prom dresses they tell girls with really large breasts to get. The skirt of the dress has a wrap feel, as well as maroon accents and a black flower on the hip. I find it fairly unremarkable. It has an art-deco feel because the waist is rather low. This just doesn't seem like a dress to brag about too much, which Kevin seemed to be doing. Are you forty-four or thirty-seven? I have to know!

Vanessa's dress is next. It looks like people really loved the ice blue, because hers is another one in that color. It's lovely. It's tea-length in the front, floor length in the back, and high-waisted. The bodice, however, is fairly low-cut. It exposes most of the breastbone. This seems like it would be deemed a touch racy by the average Banana Republic customer, who is at least three dress sizes larger than our model (stupid Morgan) and would be packing a lot more into that skimpy bodice. There's a slit up the middle of the skirt. Vanessa says in an interview that she thinks her dress is the prettiest and most in keeping with the theme.

Nora's dress is next. It is looking like only Austin went with the "sexy secretary/grandma's attic" theme. Everybody, including Nora, is doing the art deco. Her dress is really cute. Again, there's a low waist, although the hem of the dress is well above the knee. The skirt moves a lot and, with the shimmering quality of the fabric, it is fun to watch. There is an ice blue sash at the waist. She has added straps to the dress, which meet at the bodice with crystal brooches. Also, there are buttons on the back. It's cute, though now it seems a bit busy. Nora says she would love for her dress to be produced by Banana Republic, because everyone in her hometown shops there. In other words, Nora doesn't give a rat's ass if those poseurs carry her design.

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