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Joanna tells them that they all seem greatly affected by their trip to Paris. She is loathe to remind them that only three designers will be passed through to the finals. She wishes them all good luck then leaves. Then, it's back to work. Anthony Ryan puts something together fairly quickly. Uli notes that it all came together and asks him what he didn't like about his first attempt. He didn't like the fit and feel. He still sounds sick or something to me.

The models come in for their fitting. The first thing that Uli notices is that her dress is much too big, which is a big deal since couture dresses are supposed to be perfectly fitted. The details are hugely important. Emilio says that he is making sleeves to cover up his model because he feels like it's more elegant. Josh has his model in his dress. He feels like it's elegant and has the inspiration of couture. That last phrase is a little confusing. Josh is a great defensive debater. Anthony Ryan's dress is only half finished, but he's glad that he has something to put on his model, even if it makes her look like "Tarzan the Warrior Princess." Lots of different source materials for that one joke.

After the models leave, Emilio jokes that he would love to have a sleeveless dress right now. It's funny, when they are talking, it seems like Uli is never around. She wasn't at lunch earlier either. Anthony Ryan is in a bad place. He tells Joshua and Emilio that he thinks he has lost his mind. Then, we see an interview where he says that he is really struggling with this challenge. He is feeling the pressure of being up against these great designers and it really scares him. Finally, the day is over and they head back to the Night Hotel. It's funny, someone is obviously delegated the task of mentioning the hotel in every episode. Gotta pay the bills. I hear ya, Lifetime.

The next day, they are back to work, with only two hours before the runway. Emilio is freaking because he has a ton of work to do. Joshua tells him that he is not alone with the amount of work that needs to be completed. Emilio decides to leave off the appliques, maybe as a time-saving measure more than anything. Anthony Ryan still hasn't attached his sleeves. Uli is not happy with the liner for her dress. She thinks it looks better without it, but she doesn't want to send her model down the runway with her morning glory for all the world to see. Coward. Hair and make-up time. Emilio says that he wants his girl's make-up to be very "Japanese-y." That's a word, right? Scott Patric, hot make-up daddy, doesn't even bat an eye. He's that professional, folks. Joshua decides to go with a really beautiful pink lipstick

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