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With a half-hour remaining, everyone is scrambling. Uli interviews that Anthony Ryan's dress is stunning and she has no idea how he managed that in six hours. Wow, that is impressive. Anthony Ryan thinks that Uli is the person to beat, mostly because they have both made black dresses. That said, he is very happy with his dress. Joshua says that he feels Emilio really let his fabric do the work in his look, while he took a risk and really worked with the clash between his floral print and the black lace. Emilio says that he likes Joshua a lot, but he thinks that he really missed the boat with this challenge. He thinks that the floral print was a huge mistake. Uli is worried because the lace layers in her dress keep getting stuck together. She is not feeling confident about this.

On the runway, Carolyn enters wearing this INSANE red jumpsuit. I can't get over how gorgeous she is. She asks the designers what their favorite part of Paris was. Somebody mentions the fashion show, the others are kind of mumbling something, then Emilio just says "everything." Uli says that it was a dream. Carolyn introduces Georgina and Isaac. The guest judge is risk-taker Cynthia Rowley. She's great.

The show begins with Joshua's gown. There's is this black and white lace brocade bodice with long sleeves and a low-cut back. The lace fades into that floral pattern, which is a floor length skirt. OK. So, I've spent a little bit of time looking at this dress. At first, I was like, no, abandon ship. Now, I'm like, maybe I'll play a little shuffleboard. It's really interesting. I think maybe it could have used some crinoline or something beneath the skirt, because the one thing I don't like is that it seems a little heavy. The skirt seems like it's pulling down the bodice. But, the clash of fabrics? I'm not sure. It's probably not a good sign that it took me this long to be able to enjoy it. Joshua thinks that it is very elegant. Then, he repeats that bit about it having the inspiration of couture.

Next is Anthony Ryan's gown. It's all black with long sleeves and a high neck. We're seeing a lot of sleeves today, I guess. On the hips, the fabric changes to this black lined fabric that is gorgeous and is deceptively slimming. Anthony Ryan also feels that this dress is very couture inspired. He is correct when noting that you are able to see the sensuality of the model's body almost because of the fact that she is completely covered.

Uli's gown is up now. It's this really interesting gold leaf-like fabric at the center of the bodice up and around the neck in a halter style. There is nude fabric around the center, which gives it a sculptural feel. The skirt is a lace fabric with a nude underliner. The back is the same, with a strip of the gold fabric up the middle. There's a black line of a zipper down the back. I don't hate this. She doesn't seem particularly confident though.

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