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Couture Du Jour

Heidi asks Vincent what he did by hand, and he replies, "I used very expensive fabric." Yes, those two things do not go together. Michael says that he doesn't like the sleeves on the gown, and that they don't fit right, either. Nina says that she wishes the back of the dress could be the front of the dress. Richard hates the little flower on the model's ass. Join the club.

Nina tells Michael Knight that the problems with his dress are in the execution. Michael Kors likens the look of the dress to dresses that have been loaned to celebrities and come back all dicked up. Way to go, celebrities. You're ruining it for everyone. Michael Knight reminds them that his Parisian model got egged. Heidi and Richard hate the neckline of his dress. Heidi finally asks him to tuck the scallop thingies in, and he does.'s a completely different dress. It looks great.

Laura says that she wanted to create a dress that was too dramatic for the everyday woman. Richard doesn't like that the collar looks flat. Nina doesn't think it looks modern. Michael Kors thinks it could be shortened into a French maid's outfit, which I think he's said to someone else before.

When the judges deliberate, Heidi reads Catherine's comments. She liked Uli's dress. Heidi says that she would wear Uli's gown. Or at least she would say she would wear it, but then pull out at the last moment. Catherine liked Jeffrey's. Michael says it was youthful. Michael Knight did not get a high score from Catherine. Richard doesn't think Michael should have let the eggs hit his dress, which is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Catherine actually liked KoMC's bustier, but she thought it was old. All of the judges say it was tacky. Nina wonders if he has the taste to be in the competition. Michael hates Vincent's dress from top to bottom. Catherine Malandrino said, "No. No. No." Nina thinks that Laura made an "old Yves St. Laurent." No word on what Catherine thought of Laura's.

The designers return to the stage. Jeffrey is the winner. He seems thrilled. Heidi tells him that he won't have immunity for the next challenge. Michael whispers "congratulations" to him on his way offstage. Uli is "in." Michael is "in." KoMC is "in."

Okay, now I'm getting nervous. KoMC whispers, "Good luck, darlin'" to Laura, and walks backstage, where he tells everyone, "I think I'm about to vomit." Heidi tells Vincent that the finishing and detail was confusing on his dress. She tells Laura that her shit was old and predictable -- but Laura is "in." She walks backstage and says, "This cannot be good for the baby."

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