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Couture Du Jour

In le workroom, the designers are working away as Tim enters. He speaks with Michael first, who tells Tim that he has never before made a gown with that much detail. So, he's going to make the shape of his dress basic. Yeah, we've heard that. Michael tells Tim that he's worried about time.

A suddenly full-term Laura tells Tim that the basic form of her dress is completed (it's a black dress with a plunging neckline), so that she may dedicate the rest of her time to her collar. At the same time Tim questions whether she will be able to finish it or not, he emphasizes that the collar needs to be "exuberant" and essentially make the dress disappear. He's asking for a magic collar, is all.

Kayne of Many Colors is wearing a t-shirt that reads, "I'm really excited to be here." Tim is not excited about Kayne's dress; he tells Kayne that it's not pretty. He doesn't like the boning visible in the bodice, which must be some offense to couture technique, because from my living room it doesn't look that crazy. That said, why the hell won't KoMC ever listen to Tim? He made some changes during the recycling challenge, but he would have had to have been color-blind not to know that his dress was going horribly awry then. To me, it doesn't seem like you'd be a sell-out to take some advice from a person of Tim's expertise. Especially if he's hot. That last part is just my own personal standard.

Okay, these guys are getting a little batty. In the midst of working, the true absurdity of a challenge as huge as this one seems to fully hit Jeffrey. He starts laughing hysterically and saying that creating a couture gown in two days is like creating an atom bomb in two days. I seriously question Jeffrey's perspective. However, who thinks that the tagline for his clothing company should be "Weapons of Mass Seduction"? I hate myself.

Laura thinks that KoMC is going to be nailed by the judges and have "his head handed to him on a ree-dee-coo-lus platter." He's not around when she says that. She adds that she really likes KoMC and doesn't want to see him get hurt. "Who cares if he gets hurt?" replies Jeffrey. He's just being honest! And childish.

KoMC says that he can't change too much about his dress with the time constraints they have. Vincent tells Jeffrey that Laura has made a "creature from the black lagoon." Jeffrey thinks that it's going to be boring and that Laura only knows how to do one thing. Here's the thing: I don't feel like Jeffrey has exhibited any wild range either. It's different from the norm, but it's not like each piece he makes is totally different from every other thing he's done. He does a lot of deconstruction and asymmetries. I feel like it's easy to say some of that stuff about Laura because her work is clean. And, though she hasn't created something totally unexpected, that doesn't mean that Jeffrey has. He has created the same skirt five times and the same pants twice. Et cetera. But again, that's just a response to his shit-talking.

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