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Couture Du Jour

Michael is ruching the bodice of his gown, and Vincent tells him that it has "a funk to it." I don't know if he means that it smells bad or that it's cool. He interviews that Michael's gown is poorly made. He tells Michael that he has to hide the thread. Michael interviews that he has never done as much hand-stitching as this gown requires, so he's nervous. Jeffrey, while eating some chicken off of a bone, which makes me want to puke, and was it really necessary to turn up the sound, Project Runway? Next to typing and the smell of urine, sewing and meat being ripped off of a bone has to be the grossest combination of senses that there is. And when someone shakes your hand and brushes the palm of your hand with a finger. That's really only one sense, but it violates the rest of them. I hate that. You should be able to press charges. Anyway, Jeffrey, while making me ill, tells Michael that his dress is going to be a lot of work. He says it looks like he's trying to do what Malan tried. With a mature version of "I know you are but what am I?" Michael says that he will take Jeffrey's remark about Malan as a compliment.

Jeffrey declares that his is the only couture garment being made by the designers because 85 percent of his is handmade. ["Does Jeffrey ever get tired of being the 'only' designer to do anything right on a given challenge? Rhetorical, never mind." -- Joe R] Laura asserts that it only has to "look" handmade, which Jeffrey accuses her of saying only because she hasn't handmade anything on her dress. She is making at that moment, with her hands, a collar. But whatever.

When they are finished for the day, everyone seems exhausted. Jeffrey says that he has never been that delirious. Laura interviews that the wear and tear of the competition is harder on her because she's pregnant. She mentions that her ankles have disappeared, which makes me very sad for her. Tell that baby to leave your feet alone. Back at the hotel, after Laura goes to bed, KoMC still says that he loves his dress even though Tim hates it.

The next morning, the girls go to the boys' room before they head to the workroom. We see Uli say, "Mr. Kayne, wake up!" That makes me very happy for some reason. He replies, "Just shoot me in the face." KoMC says that everyone is very focused on the challenge.

At the workroom, Vincent is still putting his dress together. Uli interviews that the fabric for his skirt looks like a sofa. Tim enters and tells the designers that they will have two and a half hours to dress and style their models. Laura asks if they will have a traditional runway walk, and Tim says that he can't answer that. Top secret.

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