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Couture Du Jour

The models enter, and everyone starts getting to work. Vincent's hem is not finished, and Tim asks him if he'll have enough time to sew it by hand, to which he replies, "Yes, of course." Across the workroom, Michael tells Tim he had to take in his dress four sizes. Vincent starts gluing crap onto his dress, and Tim catches him doing it and is appalled, which I find kind of insane. What did he really expect? TWO DAYS. It's one thing to be quick with concepts and adept with sewing; it's crazy to expect them to be lightning-fast at both. But it's a competition.

Tim is getting jumpy. He's all making them hurry and telling them that they've got to go "NOW." He's a touch unlikable at this moment, and I hope to never EVER say that again.

Michael tells his model that, though his dress is poorly constructed, he wants her to wear it like it's a masterpiece.

So they all start walking with their models down the street. They reach a bridge over the Seine, and Tim points at a boat. That's where their party is going to take place. As they're walking to the boat, someone throws eggs at them from a building. An egg hits Michael's dress. Uli points at some "stupid kid" and says that it was probably him. At least he didn't set anybody's car on fire. Ooh, that's right, France, I said it. Michael just decides to drink some champagne and forget about the egg dress.

Catherine Malandrino is waiting for them on the boat. She tells them that, on first view, the gowns the designers have made look beautiful. Tim gives ANOTHER toast. Then, inexplicably, KoMC interviews in a beret, a penciled-in mustache and soul patch, and a weird French accent that progressively becomes Mexican that they were on a boat ("oui, oui") with Catherine Malandrino. Yeah, it was about that relevant. You knew it had to happen at some point on this trip, so...there you go.

Catherine asks Jeffrey to explain his tattoo for her. Oh, in case you didn't know, Jeffrey has a little ink inscription on his neck. It says "Harrison Detroit," for his son. Also, in Italian, "Love of my life." Catherine calls Jeffrey's gown "audacious."

Catherine tells Laura that it's an "interesting" choice to have long sleeves on an evening gown. To that, I say: Hilary Swank at the Oscars when she won for the boxing movie. Granted, I hated that dress, but -- long sleeves. Although maybe I shouldn't use that as an example if I hated it.

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