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Couture Du Jour

Catherine told KoMC that he was brave to have a bodice that laced in the back, and that it fit his model perfectly. Catherine asks Michael how he made the details in his dress, and he interviews that "it is fucked up under that dress."

She tells Vincent that his dress is '80s, because it has shoulder pads. She asks what his inspiration was, and he says that he doesn't know, but he likes her. Yes, those two things don't go together. Then he goes balls-out and tells her that she's one of the most sensational women he's ever laid eyes on -- and on and on. Right now, I'm dying for some ruching and chicken-eating. To take the edge off. Vincent asks if Catherine thinks his dress is too much of a throwback, and she -- at this point fearing for her safety, it seems -- says, "It is a very interesting dress."

Catherine asks the models to walk, while she fills out some special Parisian Project Runway scorecards. She thanks them, and they party on.

Jeffrey says that being in Paris is a "dream come true." Catherine tells Uli that her dress is "easy" and "light." KoMC seems to like the French models better, and tells them so. He backtracks a little when they ask if American girls are not as good, but we all know. Traitor.

Back in New York, everyone's excited about showing their gowns to the judges. Tim tells the designers they will have two hours to fit their hometown models and have them styled before the runway show. When the girls start coming in, it appears that our American models are big and fat. KoMC says Amanda was three inches larger all over.

The collar on Laura's dress was crushed in transit from Paris. Jet-setters beware. She's going to try to bring it back to life. Vincent does a lot more gluing.

On the runway, Heidi welcomes everyone and asks them if they had a good time in Paris. They did. Our judges tonight are Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and Richard Tyler -- famous gown guy from the '90s. He apparently also just designed the Delta flight attendant uniforms.

The show begins. It's Kayne of Many Colors's dress. So...I don't really think it looks that bad. I don't see a lot of hand made details anywhere, but the dress isn't that bad. It's a very fitted gold bodice with beading and mesh. The skirt is flowing chiffon with stripes of gold tones in it. And Amanda, the talker, looks beautiful. KoMC loves it.

Laura's dress is next. It looks kind of like a harlequin. I mean that as a compliment. I can recall ancestors of this dress from the 1930s, but it doesn't feel very relevant now. However, it's made perfectly, though the fluffy white collar is kind of fucked. Someone has given Camilla bang extensions, which create the effect of someone having dumped a bucket of water over her head. This is unfortunate. Laura knows that her collar does not look happy.

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