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Couture Du Jour

Uli's dress is next. It reminds me a lot of Santino's Nicky Hilton dress from last year. It's lavender with braids hanging off of it. It's a...halter dress. Surprised? I didn't think so. There is some lovely bead detailing on the bodice. Uli is happy with it.

Jeffrey's gown is next, and Marilinda is working that shit. It's a wild mix of the two plaid fabrics. The bodice is neat, with sexy straps and a plunging neckline. The skirt is...asymmetrical. But it works. It's slit up to there and is very hot. I'm reminded of a lot of Vivienne Westwood, and frankly, I think that's a good thing and perfect for Jeffrey.

Vincent's gown is next. It's a column-like dress, with a plunging neckline. The top of the dress is a champagne-colored satin. The skirt is a brocade reminiscent of upholstery. It has puffy sleeves. There's a flower right above the ass. Vincent interviews that his dress was far more sophisticated than any of the other dresses.

Michael's dress is next. He's made one of those scalloped necklines where it's like two seashells are separating the lady's boobies. I really hate that look. And Michael's seashells make it look like Nazri's boobies are all over the place. I know I sound really classy saying "boobies" over and over. It's just a thing. The dress is a lovely violet color. I understand the idea of the ruching on the bodice, but there are some clear execution problems. Michael says that he was sweating like a whore in church. Well, those whores should go to a church with A/C. All that sweating can't be good for business. Anyway, Michael was sweating because he felt like he was going to be in the bottom three.

After the show, the models return to stand beside their designers. Uli says that she wanted to have hand details. Michael Kors feels that she has made something mature. Richard Tyler likes it, yet feels that it looks unfinished.

KoMC explains all of the stuff he put on his gown, and Richard Tyler tells him that it looks too busy. Nina continues, saying that he should hold back a little. Michael Kors says that the chiffon in the skirt is beautiful, but you can't even see it for all of the other crap that's going on. He thinks Kayne's middle name is "Too Much." I thought "Kayne" was his middle name?

Jeffrey says that he loved the colors of his gown. He wants people to smile when they see it. Nina says that he took the most risks. Michael says that the dress shows that Jeffrey can be true to his goth side and still make a beautiful gown. Richard says that the dress is not perfect, but Marilinda appears to love wearing the gown.

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