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Design A Collection

The show is over, and all of the models return to the stage, so that the designers can see all of them together as a collection. When they leave, the designers take the runway. The models return again to stand next to their designer. I wonder if the judges are told which design belongs to whom when they first see them. I'm interested to know if, after the runway display, they are like, "Yeah, I thought that piece of shit looked like Robert's." Or, "Wendy did that? But, I liked it." Kevin is asked to explain the collection. He says that they imagine 2055 to be a post-war period. Earth tones are the colors because people will be nostalgic for nature. That sounds so depressing.

Michael Kors asks Kara to explain her design. She removes the collar (explaining to Michael that people will be seeking protection from the elements), and opens the front of the jacket, revealing a lacy satin bodice. It's day-to-evening wear. Michael remarks that the design is versatile, and remarks, "Let's be honest -- that's gonna be the future. It's how we all live." There's an odd scolding tone to this comment. Why "Let's be honest"? Were you hearing an argument that none of us heard, Michael? Take your pill.

Anne Slowey asks Robert, "What's going on?" This doesn't sound promising. Then, Robert finally brings home the car/woman analogy by pitching his design to Anne as if Olga were a used Honda. He's all charm and white teeth as he explains how he's a coffee drinker and needs caffeine, so he's put this solar patch on the back of the ratty-natty deconstructed vest to give the wearer constant energy. That can't be good for your liver. Or your kidneys. Anne's just like, "Okay." I think he may have sold her. The guy's good. Kara Saun is looking on like she's expecting the judges to think Robert's ridiculous, but doesn't want to reveal that she feels the same way.

Jay is asked to describe his design. He says, "This is like the 3 AM girl." Laughs. Then, he explains the patch that is on the back of the design. It's for the girl in her twenties, who is an emotional wreck. The pad will show what mood the wearer is in. Everyone likes it. "Sensory," says Anne.

Austin is asked if there will be bullfights in the future. Laughs...from everyone but Austin. He doesn't seem amused. He imagines that there will be a move toward modesty in the future. Then, he removes a small bolero-like jacket from the model. Betsey Johnson says, "It's a little too wearable. But something I wouldn't want to wear." Well, you're dressed like the lead singer of Living Colour, there's not a lot here that you're going to want to wear, Betsey.

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