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Design A Collection

Michael Kors asks Kevin how his model will move (because the sleeves cover the model's entire arm). Kevin shows an opening in the bottom part of the sleeve, and Martinique flaps her arm around like, "What's that? You been faced, Mr. Kors." Then, Michael comments that it looks like a jacket you would see now, "except you can't move in it." Looks like someone is REFUSING to acknowledge that he's just been faced. She can move, bitch!

Anne tells Wendy that she doesn't like her design. Wendy unloads this pile of crap about her concept until Anne stops her with the now famous "Quite frankly, it looked like my cat chewed up a ball of yarn and like spit it out an hour later." Not only does she look like Sandy Dennis, but -- I'm not sure if anyone is aware of this -- Sandy Dennis had, like, fifty cats or something like that when she passed away. Passed away...or started telling people that her name was "Anne Slowey." Then, she asks Wendy to comment on Kevin as a leader. There is a close-up of almost everyone staring at Wendy, waiting. Then, she says he wasn't "involved" as a leader. Austin defends Kevin in a gentlemanly way, saying that they were all addressed individually. Then, Wendy counters that she feels their ideas were diluted. Kara Saun steps in, saying that Kevin allowed them each to retain their individuality. However, when asked if Kevin was a good leader, she repeats that he let them be individuals. That's a pretty tepid endorsement. Wendy repeats that he didn't lead them. She won't stop -- she annihilates the guy. If Kevin had been smart, he would have started ripping on Wendy's design, saying that you can lead but you can't make people talented. However, he's on Project Runway, while Wendy's on The fucking Apprentice. He doesn't stand a chance. Instead, Kevin lamely says that he had specifically told everyone to come to him if they had anything to add to the "bullet points." Ah, the bullet points can't save you now, Kevin. Wendy's got that infuriating defensive look on her face, as if she is somehow the victim. If she cared so little about what these people thought of her (expressed with the "I'm here to win, not make friends" bullshit that people like her are always spewing), then why does she look so uncomfortable when she becomes so grossly unpopular?

Offstage, Kevin is pissed. He interviews that "it's too easy" to win the way Wendy is trying to do. He's right, too. That's what I mean when I say Wendy has contaminated this whole game. Kara interviews that Wendy is desperate because she wants to remain in the competition, "but so does everyone else." Then, we see pee-pee baby Wendy crying -- yes, crying -- in her interview about how she was "the only one to speak out against Kevin's leadership," though she was "hardly" the only one to have problems with him. I don't think I heard anyone complaining besides her . Why do you care, Wendy? Oh, I see. She cares because, since no one else talked shit about Kevin, it makes her look like the outsider, thus making her vulnerable. For a second, it looked like Wendy was upset about being such a jerk. She is such a train wreck of a person. Five bucks says her daughter's going to be a writer.

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