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Design A Collection

On the runway, Heidi asks the judges how cohesive they felt the collection was, on a scale of one to ten. Michael says he felt that Jay, Kara, and Robert's designs looked like they belonged in the same collection. Anne's nodding yes. The others, he felt, were scattered. Proving that Tim Gunn's advice should always be followed, he adds, "Color is not enough to bring it in." He repeats that Jay, Kara, and Robert "got" it. Looks like Robert is safe again. Betsey Johnson says that Austin and Kevin had designs that were completely stand-alone. Michael says that Austin is very talented, but has a problem straying from his focus (which was NOT represented in this challenge -- deconstructed, futuristic). Betsey likes Kara's design. All of the judges dig it. Apparently, the judges and I are on a different page, because they really like Robert's design. I think the parka is unbelievably ugly. They all hate Kevin's. Anne did not like Wendy's design. As well, she dislikes Wendy's disloyalty to Kevin. Michael thinks she may have been right, though. Comparing Kevin and Wendy, Anne says that she would take no deconstruction (Kevin) over bad deconstruction (Wendy). So, I guess no one was into the whole rating from 1 to 10 thing, huh?

The designers come back to the runway. Austin is "in" because he won last week's challenge. Kara wins the challenge! Okay, so scratch all that stuff I said earlier about her design not working. She tells Betsey Johnson that it was a pleasure meeting her, and she leaves the stage. She interviews that she is very happy to win. Jay is "in." After an unbearably long pause, Robert is "in." It's down to Wendy and Kevin. Heidi tells Wendy that, though her design fit the collection, it was butt-ugly. Kevin was the leader, yet his design was most separated from the collection as a whole. Wendy is "in." You are shitting me. What? Michael Kors, this is your fault. Why? I'm sorry, I need to pull myself together. This was our chance, though! Wendy leaves the stage as Kevin gives her a shrug. Heidi gives Kevin a handshake and a kiss and he leaves the runway. He interviews that Wendy's treatment of him was the "biggest scam" he has ever experienced. Don't buy one of those Rolexes on Canal Street if you want to hold onto that record. Wendy interviews that she has "no regrets." She is just focused on getting into the final three. I hate her so much right now. She gives one of those stupid looks of hers that say, "Oh look, he's mad at me. Isn't he immature? Can't he take getting disemboweled like a man?" I wish someone would take some L'Oreal Paris hair gel and smear it all over Wendy's face. Tim Gunn seems stunned. Another shit look from Wendy. Tim sweetly tells Kevin that he is a great designer, and that he's sure we'll hear more from him. As he leaves, Kevin turns back, shakes his finger, and weakly says, "It doesn't pay to be nice." Is that what you learned from this, Kevin? No. He adds, in his interview, that he has learned how to be a better designer. He also says he is now aware of how nasty people can be. We see him write on one of the Workshop tables, "J- Kick ass -KJ." And, he's off.

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