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Design A Collection

Here we have Wendy's design. It's a "2055 Youth Outfit." Whoever gave Wendy the responsibility of conveying youth must have it out for her. Give me their address and I'll send them chocolate. It certainly looks deconstructed. The top is a beige cardigan. The bottom of the sweater has been shortened, and she has attached these darker strips of fabric to it. It looks amateurish. The skirt is a darker color (I think the fabric strips on the sweater were removed from it) and fringed at the bottom, which ends just past the knee. I kind of like the skirt. However, Wendy has this stupid Mad Max tool belt over it that seems dumb to me. Wendy interviews that the design is informal; however, it will be appropriate for "whatever kinds of events might be in 2055." Wendy should go into politics.

Jay's outfit is next. His design was for the nightclub outfit. It's a high-waisted dress. The bodice has some of Jay's signature asymmetries -- one side is off the shoulder, and the other has a tattered, feathered look. The bodice fabric is tan, and there is a high satin collar. As well, there is this black patch on the front that looks kind of like the Human Rights Campaign's logo. Except black. On the back of the bodice is an oval plastic patch that covers most of Julia's back. I don't know if that's a continuation of Robert's solar patch mutant idea or if it's just a futuristic effect. The skirt of the dress is multi-colored earth tones. It looks kind of like a calico cat. There's a brown belt, and Julia is wearing brown socks or something over her forearms. She's wearing a tights/boots medley. It adheres to the "bullet points" concerning color, deconstruction, and protection. Jay interviews that he will be upset if he is eliminated, but that he'll be more upset if he's eliminated before people that are worse than he (i.e. Wendy, Robert, and Wendy). I don't know what he is worried about. I'm assuming that since they were required to use specific materials and work in a creative theme that wasn't self-decided, he has designed something he would never make outside of this circumstance. It fits the theme, though and, in my opinion, looks pretty good. And, it actually looks "Jay" too, so I really don't know why he's freaking out so much. He must be tired. We see Anne Slowey make a face indicating that she has mini-vomited in her mouth. Subtle.

We proceed to Kara Saun's "2005 Business Suit." It consists of a long-sleeved, floor-length coat. It has a collar that wraps around the bottom portion of the model's head and mouth. The coat opens at the waist, revealing short shorts and leather boots worn beneath it. In the year 2005, ZZ Top is a fashion inspiration. There appears to be an MP3 player holder on the model's inner thigh. Hmm, intimate. Kara Saun interviews (as she said about her wedding dress) that she is glad that she gets to show her diversity. Okay, I love me some Kara Saun. She is such a hard worker and she is kind to others and I think she, maybe single-handedly, has raised the competition of this show to the level where it is. To me, she sets the tone of Project Runway -- talented designers who want to show what they can do and get the help that they need to take their careers to the next level. Austin and Jay are like that, too, but I think they are a little more internal. Kara Saun is game to create something on the spot and make it really good, which is different than the intention of someone like, say, Vanessa, who'd have preferred to bring the clothes that she made in Houston last year and compete with those designs. Sure, it's not ideal to have to create eveningwear with cotton jersey (The official fabric of Project Runway), but that is what makes this program exciting, and Kara Saun is totally committed to proving herself within those parameters. Having said all of that, I'm starting to see a sameness in Kara's designs that is becoming a bit tedious. The coat has a leather bustier that's almost identical to her rock star design. There's a lot of boob, and the bodice is like a second skin. If I had never seen it before, I would think it looks great, but I'm starting to wonder if she is a one-trick pony. Maybe the similarities of her designs are not the worst crimes that you can commit, but I'd love it if she just took something in the exact opposite direction from what she usually does.

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