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Design For The Red Carpet

The designers return. Kara Saun is "in." She tears up and hugs Jay. Backstage, Kara hugs Robert as she cries. Jay is "in." He's clearly thrilled. He stumbles offstage, and interviews that he is very honored. Finally, Wendy. "In." She won the challenge. Nancy O'Dell ruined the world. Austin hugs Wendy, and then has to pry her leaching arms off of him. She walks backstage to a stunned and unwelcoming Jay and Kara. I'm so glad that they don't congratulate her. Am I clear? Austin lost to WENDY!!! I...can't. Wendy interpoos that she never thought she'd make it this far and is thrilled. Robert hugs her. Kara interviews that she felt she, Jay, and Austin belonged in the final three. Jay says that he was "grossed out" when Wendy walked backstage: "You'd think for the last challenge, Wendy, you could've put lipstick on." Thank you, Jay. He continues, while fanning himself with closed eyes, "Ooh, I hate Wendy. I'm sorry."

Heidi tells Austin the usual "you're great, but..." crap. He gingerly replies, "Well, if I may, I just want to thank you all for this wonderful opportunity already. And, um, I don't think any of you are hearing the last of Austin Scarlett yet." Nina and Michael tell him that they will be watching for him. Then, Nancy asks him to design her dress for the Oscars. Austin agrees. I don't. Then, he Auf WiederHeidis and goes backstage. He interviews that he was "born Austin Scarlett" and has to be that person. We see him hug the others backstage. He leaves us saying that he would love to be an example to those dreamers who maybe aren't popular or supported by their environments. No matter if people want you to follow the mold or change things about yourself, you always have to be true to who you are: "No matter what." Bye, Austin. You've been robbed.

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