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Design For The Red Carpet

Robert is not much help. It doesn't look like any of the designers want him anywhere near their designs. He's drinking multiple beers. In the Workshop. I guess he's still letting off steam after just leaving the competition.

Kara Saun is going to have a dress-looking thing over pants. She says it will be very sexy and funky. We hear Jay say, "I just assume Kara Saun's going to win this whole shebang." Austin agrees: "Kara Saun is unstoppable. Everything she touches turns to copper." Wendy, of course, grouses, "Jay really is enthralled with her." She basically can't stand that they like Kara Saun. She is such a fucking child. When she's out of the room, Jay whispers to Austin, of Wendy's design, "I'm kind of concerned." He thinks it looks like Wendy stole from Kara Saun, in Wendy's color scheme. Some time later, Kara Saun says to the camera, "People who try to sabotage other people do it because they can't rely on their talent." Right on. Wendy "got the message," and says the umpteenth dumbfounding thing in her interview: "It is a competition, and [Kara Saun] is well on her way to winning. She's good at what she does, but does that mean she needs to fuck with me in the process? If she's so [air quotes] 'confident' in her superior skills, why does she need to fuck with me? What am I? I'm no threat to her! I mean, I've been second to last every fucking week." How, I ask you, HOW can this person be on the streets? To be so out of touch that you could possibly be offended that the person that you have manipulated and are cheating and fucking with is offended by you? Your displacement is profound, Ms Pepper. I can't stop, people. The woman is killing my insides. As well, I'm worrying a little bit about Kara Saun. Wendy is getting to her, too. Kara Saun interviews that Wendy has changed a lot since the competition began, and that no one likes or trusts her now. Wendy interviews that the three other designers keep ganging up on her, but that she goes back to her corner, dresses her wounds, and gets back in the ring. If a freaking boxing analogy helps you not think about the reason they don't like you, Wendy...oh whatever, you can't hear me. Bitch.

The next day, the designers are back at work. Tim Gunn is there. He tells them that they get a special tour of Michael Kors's design offices. Austin is really excited, but the rest of the designers seem so stressed that it doesn't even register. Tim tells Robert that he has to stay behind, and he "can put finishing touches on everything. No, not really." I love it that Tim presents this as a joke. Poor Robert.

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