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Design For The Red Carpet

The designers walk by the Bryant Park Fashion Week tents on the way to the office. Kara tells about a 1994 renegade fashion show that she mounted by the tents. She had just moved to New York and wanted to show her designs. The presence of all of the photojournalists there for Fashion Week meant that her collection was photographed and, probably because of the moxie of it all, she got coverage in The New York Post. HOLY CRAP. Can you imagine the nerve that took? I'm impressed. Kara Saun says that it would be a dream to have a show inside the tents.

When the designers arrive at the office, Michael Kors shows them around. Heidi's there, too. Kors takes them to a room with all of his designs that have been on the red carpet. He talks about the impact of having a J.Lo or a Heidi Klum wear your gown out. I guess someone associated with this program is assuming that Nancy O'Dell is going to bring some sort of cachet to the designer whose dress she wears? I'm also guessing that they'd be wrong.

Back to the Workshop. Jay is getting nervous. "I'm supposed to BE in the final three," he whines. Wendy says she really likes her design. Kara Saun likes hers, too. Martinique arrives to stand for a fitting with Austin. He interviews that he thinks he is a "wonderful" designer with a lot to offer. Suddenly, it sounds like these guys are creating personal ads.

Robert and Kara Saun discuss Jay's bodice. It's a pink satin-y fabric. It looks a little boring, I guess. They think it needs a lot of work, and decide to discuss it with him. Wendy is livid that anyone has feelings. Kara Saun offers Jay an option, and then says, "I'm not going to say anything else." That is solid. I think she is such a nice girl. Jay thinks that the advice is correct, too. He interviews that Kara Saun wants Jay to be in the final three and that "she's not giving advice to Wendy. If she was [sic] still friends with Wendy at this point, she would be giving advice to Wendy about what she should be doing."

Later, Tim enters. Jay shows Tim the changes he made to his bodice. Tim's reply is, "You've transformed it." Not a clear yea or nay there. He tells Kara Saun that the top of her dress is lovely. He doesn't like Wendy's design. There are feathers all over the skirt. Tim tells her that the proportions seem wrong (there is so much happening on the skirt juxtaposed with a smooth, simple top) and finally says, "It's jus a whole lot of 'look.'" Wendy sounds defensive in response. Tim tells her that on a scale of 1-10, she's at a 5.5. Ouch. I'm gonna have your baby, Tim Gunn. Wendy, however, appears to be attempting to take Tim's advice. Fine, NOW she evolves. She has a lot of changes to make to her design. Kara Saun looks on at their conference, appearing a little annoyed. I guess I'd be annoyed too if the girl who bitches anytime any one of them helps another suddenly started earnestly taking advice from the freaking master. We see Rob helping everyone. At one point, Kara tells Jay to not be a "Rob Hog." Wendy has made a lot of changes to her design. She seems happy with it. When Kara starts beading the slacks for her design, Robert whispers that Wendy is also using beads. "I'm not taking anything from Wendy!" is Kara's indignant response. That's kind of funny. Jay finishes and says it is the first of his designs that he has liked.

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