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Design For The Red Carpet

Nina Garcia tells them that they are all talented, and then asks, "But, what happened?" Everyone is silent. Nina says that their designs confuse her. As well, I'm sure the show's decision to have Nancy O'Dell be their muse confused the designers. Give them a break. Michael Kors agrees with Nina. "I'm underwhelmed," he coins. He says that their designs look like the "what was she thinking?" pictures in the tabloids. One might also say, Michael, that your dependence on that shade of bronzer provokes the question: "What was she thinking?" Nina thinks Wendy has too much going on and that it all matches, which -- frankly, news to me -- is a fashion sin. Nina further informs Wendy and me that no one wears an outfit completely in orange. All right, then. Michael adds that it's too "Garanimals." I loved Garanimals! Michael is also reminded of a woman who went to a bridal store to have her shoes dyed to match. Wendy is crushed. I feel a smile creep upon my face. Nina tells Austin that his dress is lovely, but that she has seen it a million times. Michael says that it reminds him of a fashion student's work, which seems unnecessarily catty. Nina thinks Jay picked the wrong color. Michael likes the skirt, but doesn't like the top. To him, it looks like someone doesn't want to show her chest. Then, explain the spaghetti straps, Michael. You can hate the top, but that's a weird criticism. Nina doesn't like the proportions of Kara Saun's design. The pants are too baggy or something. Michael thinks that the pants under the dress look is "tired." He may be right about that one. I remember first seeing it back in, like, 1997. That's a while ago. But, then he says it looks like a bar [sic] mitzvah dress that got shredded and worn over a pair of pants. How many people are wearing dresses to their bar mitzvahs? Anyhoo...Michael doesn't like her design. They exit the runway.

Backstage, Robert, Kara, Jay, and Austin sit on a sofa together while Wendy sits in a chair by herself. She interviews that she loves watching everyone as they are uncomfortable. My God, that woman cannot be gracious for one fucI HATE YOU WENDY PEPPER!

Onstage, the judges bitch. Nancy says that she could "tweak" Wendy's design and wear it, because the bustline was pretty. Michael says that Wendy has been really hit-or-miss, and Heidi agrees. Heidi doesn't like Wendy. Nancy says she liked Kara's idea, but doesn't think that it would look good on camera. She likes Jay's skirt, but not the top. Michael agrees that the skirt is interesting. Nancy thinks Austin's dress would be good for the Oscars. Nina is flustered. She doesn't "know what to do with Austin." Michael feels that Austin can't move out of "the box of this couture world." Nina points out, though, that Austin's designs are lovely. Nancy says something about "tweaking" Austin's design; and Heidi -- who seems bewildered that the conversation has been leaning in Wendy's favor -- points out that since she's tweaking Wendy's design, she could just as easily tweak Austin's design.

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