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Maya says that her model wanted to show her scars, which is why they had a lower neckline. Nina says that the draping in Maya's dress is what they found interesting. That sounds like she really didn't want to compliment it. Georgina says that it made her want to look again. Heidi also found it interesting. The sweep of the half-heart shape was interesting to her. Michael thinks that it's interesting and elegant at the same time.

The designers leave the runway while the judges confer. Heidi doesn't understand the white jacket of Jesse's. Michael says that it didn't fit either. Nina stands up for him and says that the neckline of his dress was nice. Michael hated Jesus's dress. Georgina thinks that his dress would have been different without the straps. "He... is very good at sewing," Heidi offers wanly. Michael says that taste is something that can't be taught. Ouch! Michael thought that Anna's dress looked like a bag tied in the middle. Georgina could see where she was coming from in a design sense, because the dress seemed contemporary, but she found it inappropriate for the challenge. Nina loved the star and branding on Mila's dress. She feels that she captured the spirit of her model. Michael thought that Amy handled the fabrics really well as well as the correct silhouette. Georgina liked Maya's dress, but wasn't sure if she should like it. Michael found it thoughtful and surprising. Nina says that she didn't incorporate the logo, but Michael says he liked the clutch that she made. They've made their decision.

The designers return to the stage. Maya is in. Amy wins the challenge! Heidi says it was elegant and made her client look happy. Amy says that she's happy to win a challenge, especially this one. Mila is in. Jesse is in. It's down to Anna and Jesus. Heidi tells Jesus that his dress was trying to be too many things at once. It was tacky and they question his taste level. Anna made something poorly-constructed and unflattering. Anna is... in. Jesus thanks everyone and gets his kisses.

Jesus interviews that he is shocked. He says that he put in a complete effort and feels that he made his client happy. Everyone seems sad backstage. Even Tim! He notes that Jesus seems remarkably upbeat. He says that he is going to take everything that the judges have told him and it will make him a stronger designer.

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