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Tim returns to take everyone to Mood. He gives them $100 each as a budget. The kind folks at Mood have gathered fabrics that are in the brand color story, but Tim says that they are not limited to those fabrics. Emilio tells us that his model likes her shoulders and her legs, so he's going to make a short cocktail dress. Now, I understand that times are a-changin' and people have different takes on this sort of stuff, but when I hear "gala," I think floor-length, yes? I guess people make evening-wear pant suits, but I don't think that includes cocktail dresses. Just my feeling there. Jesse asks Tim if he thinks that a fabric that he has pulled looks cheap. Tim responds that it looks "Valentine's Day." Jesse interviews that he has decided to make a jacket for his look and it can't look cheap. Otherwise, the shopping is fairly uneventful.

Back at the workroom, Tim tells everyone that they will have the rest of the day, plus a little time during the next morning, to finish the challenge. Janeane interviews that, since the models aren't typical sizes, it will be very difficult to make a gala-worthy gown in such a short amount of time. Despite the fact that all of these guys sound so snotty when they're designing for "real women," it stands to reason that it would be difficult if the model wasn't a size close to that of your dress form.

Anna tells us that, though she is self-taught as a designer, her education is in print-making. She is tracing the Campbell's logo onto red chiffon. Interesting. She thinks it will set her apart. Maya and her model like the heart shapes and want to incorporate that into her design, however, Maya doesn't want to make it too literally. She wants to represent the heart in an abstract way on her dress. Amy tells us that she's more stressed than usual. This will be the first time her model is walking down the runway and she would hate for her to feel unattractive. I like Amy. Seth Aaron is daunted by this challenge, because he's not used to creating patterns for larger models.

Jonathan holds the bodice of his design up to himself and asks Amy to confirm that it's not "totally disgusting." I often feel that's all some designers are shooting for. Let's aim higher, everyone. Amy's having problems with her fabric. She says that it's alive and is always changing. She says with bounce, "I guess there will be seam there!" Jay is working to make his model look taller, so he's using a lot of vertical lines and hopes that it will work.

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