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All of the models enter for a fitting. Amy's chiffon pieces aren't even attached yet, so she has nothing to put on Nadine, her model. She says that she hopes Nadine isn't as nervous as she is. Anna says that she is at least accomplishing one of her goals -- to create an empowering experience for her model. Oh Anna, the things we tell ourselves to make it through the day. Jesse is glad that he hadn't sewn his garment completely yet, as he hadn't made it the correct size. Cut to Anthony, who addresses the fact that none of these designers are accustomed to designing for anything other than the sample size perfect model. It's true. And crazy, because it's not like any of these women are enormous by any stretch of the imagination. I guess some have a bit of the middle-age spread, but we're not talking giganto. That said, I wouldn't know how to design for even the sample size perfect model, so I'm gonna shut up about that.

Jay tells his model, Julie, that she is going to rock his dress. She laughs and says that she's going to rock the runway. Tricia, Jesus's model, tells Emilio that his dress is exactly what they had talked about during the consultation. Emilio says that's amazing, but I bet he doesn't really feel that way. Tricia tells Jesus that his mother is going to be proud. Jesus interviews that he, his twin brother, and another brother grew up with a single mother. They struggled a lot, but those struggle made him passionate. Seth Aaron is having problems with Rose, his model. She prefers a Grecian draping style, which is not Seth Aaron's forte at all. He's really interested in making her happy, so it looks like he's going to give the draping a go.

As Janeane is fitting her model Beth, she tells Janeane that she was having a routine doctors exam once and her physician informed her that she had a heart murmur. I swear to God, I expect something like that every time I go to the doctor. Janeane tells us that she likes being able to talk to the person for whom she is designing, because she can be inspired by the person's personality. She feels a need to put Beth in the dress. Unless something horrible happens, I assume that Beth will be in the dress. Was she going to fling it over her shoulder? I kid! Beth asks Janeane if she looks like a woman who has had open-heart surgery (she doesn't). Then, she says "or a lot of the women here?" But, I heard "out of the women here?" As if it were a competition. And, for a moment, I thought Beth was really odd. To be honest, I still can't shake the feeling. Emilio says that he is amazed that the women who are their clients are so happy and positive given their health troubles. This is the first challenge when it hasn't been all about winning and it changes things for him. The models say goodbye and depart.

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