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After Gunn's exit, Seth Aaron starts over on the bodice. He only has two hours left, but he works really fast. Emilio, who is the master of all things, feels that Anna will have a problem since her construction isn't very good. He also thinks that Jay's dress is a train wreck. Janeane feels that she is in trouble. In fact, everyone is pressed for time.

The next morning, Anthony says that, with all that their models have been through, the last thing they need is to hear Nina and Michael tell the designers how horrible they have made the models look. That's a very good point. Let's see if some discretion is practiced on the runway today. I totally don't believe that will happen even for a second. Amy tells Mila that she has a lot to do.

At the workroom, Amy gets to work. She says she has about 70 percent of her dress to finish. Ben interviews that he's worried about Seth Aaron finishing. Jonathan says to Jesus, "This is more of a cooter gown than a couture gown." Let's hope that he was talking to Jesus, because somebody needed to say it. Maya has a philosophy: since all of the dresses are red, judging them will be like comparing oranges to oranges. Now, I'm assuming she thinks that's a difficult thing to do. I've found that it's the comparison of oranges with, say, apples that proves difficult. Because they are different things. If you're going to talk so slow, Maya, the shit you say better be right. Amy doesn't think that any of the designs, including hers, are as good as they could be with more time.

Tim enters before sending the models in. Everybody gets their models dolled up. Emilio, never at a loss for words about the work of others, says that Mila's dress looks like a cheap flag at the Thanksgiving Day parade. Weird. That doesn't even really make sense. Seth Aaron's model acknowledges that, though her dress isn't draped like she likes, she knows that it was important for him to be true to himself. Seth Aaron is impressed that he pulled this dress out of his ass with no time. He also thinks that he created the correct cut for her. Jesus feels really confident about his dress. He thinks it fits his model really well. Janeane disagrees with him. She thinks his dress is too short and too tight. Not very gala. Jonathan's model loves her dress and jokes that this experience almost makes surgery worth it. Hair and make-up seems to be mostly about making the women feel good. Jonathan declares this a fashion emergency of Chernobyl proportions. Seriously, he says that. I think maybe Jonathan came to Project Runway with some notecards filled with little bon mots. This and the cooter comment were on his cards. Tim enters and says that it's time to hit the runway.

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