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Here's Anthony's dress. It's a fitted dress that ends just above the knee. The skirt is in red. The top has a plunging neckline with a narrow black band outlining a white and red fabric. The black band creates the perfect silhouette for this ample bosomed lady. On top, there is a sleeveless jacket that matches the skirt. Anthony feels like he has done the best thing for his model's figure. I think she looks terrific. Seriously, it's very flattering. I mean, it seems like there hasn't been a consensus on what "gala" means. This seems like something different, but it still looks good.

Up next is Amy's dress. It's a floor-length, strapless empire waisted gown. It's flowing and lovely. Like Amy said, it would probably look a little sharper, certainly better constructed, if they had more time. At the high waist, there's a small band of Campbell's branding.

Jesus's dress is next. It's a short, tight dress with a sweetheart neckline. He's added these rhinestone straps that are dreadful. There are vertical panels on either side of the dress with Campbell's labels. There's something uneven about each side of the bust at the neckline. The worst part of this dress is that it looks tacky. Jesus thinks it's awesome, which, you know, is part of the problem.

Here's Anna's dress. She also didn't think about what kind of dress her client should be wearing. She made a dress for someone like herself. It's a knee-length dress in chiffon, cinched at the waist, with panels of white separating the bust. There are also wide straps in white and a racing stripe on the back in white. The waist looks nice. The white action on the bodice makes the woman look like a linebacker. It makes her shoulders seem impossibly broad. Like, it's not that Anna failed to make her shoulders seem more dainty, she made them seem bigger. And, it's too short. Anna says that she feels she struggled with the formal evening gown aspect of the challenge. I couldn't have said it better.

Wow, these dresses have been especially awful. Now, here's Jay's dress. It's a strapless, floor-length gown. The bodice is satin-y, while the skirt is matte. There's a waistband with Campbell's branding that creates a figure-flattering little v-shape. There's nothing particularly groundbreaking about this dress, but I'm really glad that it's formal and flattering. Say what they will about the dress being different than someone's style as a designer, the judges will be happier with this than they will be with some monstrosity that looks just like the person who made it. Jay thinks that she looks happy in his dress.

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