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Jesse's look is up next. It's a knee-length dress with a white waistband. It's paired with a white bolero jacket. When she removes the jacket, it reveals off-the-shoulder straps, which are kind of nice. The jacket is stupid boring though. There's a nice flow to the skirt too. Jesse thinks that his look came together really well.

Ben is up next and his dress is floor-length with halter straps. There is a thigh-high slit that is really dramatic. Campbell's labeling is on the inside of the skirt and you can see it along the slit. There is a chartreuse waistband that seems to meet in the middle of her waist and spread up and down on the sides. It serves to make her waist look smaller and I, for one, think it looks pretty neat. The back is bare. Ben is happy with it, though everyone sounds really defensive and desperate for this challenge as they talk about how amazing dress looks and just HOW MUCH their client loves it.

Here's Mila's dress. It's everything that has been said. It's a floor-length dress with thin straps in a halter. There are huge asymmetrical white star appliques on the red dress. It's very dramatic and I think kind of exciting. Her model is completely lit up wearing it. This lady wearing it is not tiny and the fit is extraordinary. It makes her look terrific.

Janeane's model does this like French militaristic pose behind the scrim before appearing on the runway. This dress is pretty cute. It's fitted at the waist with spaghetti straps. There are white petal-like pieces of fabric spilling over the top of the bust. The skirt falls below the knee and there is a white skirt that peeks out below the red. The dress is shorter in the front than in the back. There's sort of a decaying, Victorian glamour to this dress that I like. Janeane says that she likes her dress in a way that makes me think that she thinks that she's out.

Oh my goodness, Rose twirls behind that scrim like RuPaul has threatened her life. The dress is cute. It's sleeveless with a black skirt. The bodice is red and shaped like a wrap, with criss-crossing bands of Campbell's branding, which, much like Anthony's dress, flatters Rose's figure. There were so many commas in that last sentence. They'd just been sitting in my fridge and I didn't want them to go bad. Seth Aaron giggles about how much Rose worked it. He thinks that he got the job done.

After the show, Heidi calls Mila, Maya, Anna, Amy, Jesse, and Jesus. Everyone else is safe. They leave the runway. The models come out to join the designers. Mila says that she gravitated towards the star on the Campbell's brand. Georgina found it fun, yet classic. To her, that's a very difficult combination to achieve. Nina loves how Mila incorporated the branding. She goes further to say that the star was brilliant. Heidi says that the dress isn't one that every woman could pull off, but Mila's model pulls it off very well. Michael agrees. He feels that her model wore the dress like she was rocking it and whatnot.

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