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The judges talk. Diane liked Kenley's dress and her fight for it. Michael thinks the Asian influence was handled beautifully. Fern says that, with one more piece, it would have been a homerun. She loved Leanne's dress. Michael thought she mixed the influences well. Diane thought there was very good design in Leanne's look. Heidi liked Korto's dress. She thought it was very interesting. Diane liked it as well. Michael thought Rayon's dress was boring and the vest didn't work. Diane thought the skirt was bad and made the model look bad. Fern says that "Shanghai Joe" was a bit much. Diane said the front and back were two completely different things. Michael thinks he didn't think about the look from all angles. Heidi says that when you do a suit, like Stella did, it has to be sharp. Diane again liked the idea but not the execution. Fern says, "Stella was not stellar."

The designers return. Korto is in. Diane says that the winner is...Leanne! Repeat! She leaves the runway and interviews that she is thrilled. Kenley is in. Rayon is in. It's Joe and Stella. Joe is told that his look was confusing and the back was a disaster. Stella made three pieces -- none of them well. out. She kind of rolls her eyes. Joe leaves the runway. She says that she thinks her ego was too big to be there. She has learned and grown and she thanks them. Well, that's very nice. I like that. She leaves the runway with a big smile on her face. Backstage, Kenley is bawling. Stella interviews that she was herself. Tim comes in and she says she's terrific. She tells him that she loves him and he says he loves her too. Then, she leaves. Tim says, "Well, that was an ebullient departure!" Stella finishes with saying she is a rock star and that's who she designs for. If you like her stuff, drop by. If you don't, keep walking.

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