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In the boys' apartment, Blayne is sitting near the window and says that he thinks he is getting a little bit of a tan from the light streaming in. Help. Rayon interviews that he's upset about Keith leaving because they were roommates. Now, he has to move in with the remaining 3 guys and it feels like the first day all over again. He continues in his interview that, though there are only 4 guys remaining, he's proud to be one of the last 4 standing. He punctuates that little thought with that stupid head swagger he does when he feels that he's said something particularly bite worthy. You certainly have your fingers on the pulse there, you ass. And can we talk about the jacket that he is wearing? Did he have to beat up Zsa Zsa Gabor to get a hold of that thing? Wrong, wrong, wrong. Seriously, I can't even make out what the material is. It's fringe, it's fur, it's suede, it's leather. I don't know. I do know it's totally ugly. His unkind roommates let him leave the apartment in that monstrosity and they're on their way to Parson's.

Heidi enters the runway looking like one hot mama in super tight jeans and a metallic top. That lady is gorgeous. It really can't be said enough. It's time to eliminate a model. Leanne is given her choice of staying with Karalyn or picking a new girl. She stays with Karalyn, which means that design-destroying Alyssa leaves. I wish they'd had a tiny moment where she explained her side of the whole thing where she sat in Keith's design after he told her not to. I wasn't sure if we should think Keith was just being a baby or if the cards were really stacked against him. In any event, Alyssa is out of here. Don't ever sit again!

Heidi says that a special guest will give the details for the next challenge. This is very exciting. From behind the scrim, we see a looming figure. Out comes... Tim Gunn. Thanks, Project Runway, another reason to not really trust anything you tell me. He says, "It's just little ole me." He tells the designers that they will be designing for a "fashion legend." Leanne interviews that maybe the legend is an older celebrity. She's just glad that they are not designing for Tim Gunn. That would be kind of amazing. He's taking them to meet the legend now.

It looks like they are walking through the Meatpacking District. Blayne says that he has heard that "Mary-Kate" lives there. Terri confirms that she does and that "Mary-Kate" told him that she wants to see him. OK, you know this is Mary-Kate Olsen they're talking about. It seems perfect that Blayne would love her. He interviews that he wants every challenge to involve Mary-Kate Olsen. It can Blayne, if only in your little tan heart. He then says, with what I find to be a shocking lack of irony, that he wants to marry Mary-Kate. Seriously, I'm not entirely sure he is kidding, which explains A LOT. He adds that "who doesn't?" want to marry Mary-Kate, except for Tim Gunn. See what I mean with the sound bite machine bullshit? If you really think about it, that doesn't even make sense. It just has the rhythm of something that in some context (one in which the words were completely different and someone not stupid was saying them) might seem clever. Nothing he says has any real heart. Stella interviews that there are some major-league designers with boutiques in the Meatpacking District. And, that's where they are going.

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