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They enter her boutique and Tim says that they are in the "offices" of a fashion legend. Then, Diane Von Furstenberg walks down this really tall staircase. They play this airy Studio 54-in-heaven music that I've never heard before. Damn, Diane. You got them to make you some new music. All of the designers seem very impressed. Kenley interviews that this is the biggest opportunity she has ever had in her life -- so she starts crying. Maybe a few challenges ago I would have felt a little pang for Kenley being overwhelmed. I'm just not feeling it right now. Diane greets all of the designers and seems genuinely lovely. One of the effects of being rich as shit.

She says that the designers will be designing a look for her fall collection inspired by the movie A Foreign Affair. First of all, holy shit. Diane Von Furstenberg is not This is a serious prize. But, also, Diane Von Furstenberg must have some sort of hard-core contract with the producers. Is she really going to just let one of them feature in her collection? What if she doesn't like any of their work? Cross your fingers. For which outcome, I'm not sure. Wouldn't it be amazing if Project Runway like destroyed her company or something? Not that I want that to happen to her, but it would be kind of funny if she were all in rags on a park bench (that would require her billionaire husband losing everything too, but dream with me) muttering about those damn Project Runway designers. Diane says that to her, the star of A Foreign Affair, Marlene Dietrich, is the most glamorous woman in the world. Her character is a singer/performer or a spy and has to escape Berlin at the end of the 1930's. She leaves for New York, by way of Shanghai. That's a lot of influences from one movie. But, enough about Marlene Dietrich. Jean Arthur is in the movie and she was insanely talented. There are a few samples from Diane's upcoming collection behind her and you do see some Shanghai, some lounge singer, etc.

Tim says that no designer in history has understood prints and colors like Diane, so the designers are going to have access to her fabrics in her sample room. Wow, that's pretty cool. One more thing -- Diane says that, because of her "long-standing" relationship with American Express, they will be producing the winning design and it will be available exclusively to American Express cardholders. So, I guess it's not really part of her collection. Not as much of a risk for her as I thought. Some of the proceeds from the sale of the winning design will go to the CFDA. Joe says that the trinity of Diane Von Furstenberg, American Express, and CFDA is what Project Runway is all about. I don't think he's aware of just how correct that statement is. The skill in providing that much product placement in small a space is indeed the heart of this show. Diane, who will be the guest judge, says that she will see the designers on the runway.

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