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Stella says that Diane needs to see how her aesthetic mixes with the DVF aesthetic. Yeah, that's exactly what she needs to see. So, Stella is making a cape, vest, and pants. Jerell takes a look at Joe's work and Joe presents it with the humming of a vaguely offensive Asian tune. Is Joe really a fashion designer? I guess it takes all kinds. Next, we see an interview with him where he says that he's creating an "Oriental-inspired" top. Excellent. He thinks he's going to make it to Bryant Park.

Leanne tells Korto that she picked a fabric that has stretch (which she doesn't like) but it was the color she wanted. She's making a short trench coat, with a long silk gown. Now, for an odd interlude -- she says that she's not much of a femme fatale. In fact, she has never left the country, so she has never had any foreign affairs. Then, we see Leanne running around the workroom like a spy. Weird. She says that she would love to be a spy and her name would be "Secret Agent Leanimal" and she would "hunt everybody down." So odd. Rayon interviews that Rayon would love to be a spy, but he's afraid that his blue hair would blow his cover. So, um, I'm assuming he's unaware of the temporary and changeable qualities of hair dye? That's a shame. The world must seem like such a limiting place to him.

It's Kenley time. Jerell tells her that he likes her dress. She asks if it looks bulky and she is assured that it isn't. Terri mentions that she didn't use much fabric and she replies, "No, I didn't make three pieces." But Terri meant it as a good thing, she says. Terri is not winning these folks over. Kenley says that she only had a little bit of fabric to work with, but she made it work because she is "obsessed" with the print she is using. Terri interviews that the DVF collection is all about layering, but Kenley likes dresses. She won't be surprised if she gets called out on the runway, but that's Kenley. I think that was pretty respectful, right? So, wouldn't this be the place where she talked shit about everyone if she was two-faced? I mean, I guess there's a chance that one face is for the cameras and the other is for off, but that seems like a lot of trouble. I don't know. It just seems like most of these people really don't like her.

Tim checks in. He talks to Rayon, who says that he was inspired by Berlin. Tim says he's not getting it. He's worried about the fit of Rayon's vest to the dress and he thinks there might be too much fullness in the waist of the dress. He interviews with fingers crossed that he is working it out because, "Rayon is going to Bryant Park." Tim loves the color of Leanne's look. He thinks the trench is too long. She agrees. Tim thinks that Joe is being ambitious, but wonders if he can finish in time. Tim loves the volume at the top of Korto's design, but thinks that her little splashes of yellow in the look appear to be bra straps. Stella (who mistakenly thinks the inspiration for the challenge is Paris instead of Berlin) presents her look to Tim. He reminds her that her different pieces need to be cohesive. She says that she thinks the judges were clueless. She adds that the "stylist with the oversized muumuu dress and the waistband" was no better. Tim apologizes to Rachel Zoƫ, but that's pretty freaking awesome.

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