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Tim's exchange with Kenley is a little perplexing. He likes her dress. But, it's simple. It could work in her favor. Or, it could not. She's must feel like a wreck now. Later, she feels good about her input from Tim. She and Stella are eating together and talking about the importance of the challenge. Stella says that it's huge and Kenley adds, "for me." Yes, just you. I think she's being a bit of a drama queen about her love of Diane Von Furstenberg. We get it, you like her. Everybody else wants to win this too. I will say though that I acted almost the same way when I met Martha Stewart last week. I did. Anyway, she cries a little more in her interview. She says that she's only worked for herself, Wal-Mart, or K-Mart in the past. This is huge for her.

The designers are rushing and none of them feel like they have enough time. They don't want to rush for Diane Von Furstenberg. Stella says that she likes her look, but is worried about the vest. It's a little heavy. But, time for sleep.

The next day, all of the designers wake up. I'm tired of seeing Jerell in his miniscule underpants. He interviews that he hopes the fashion gods will be on his side. Joe asks if the "Chantilly Laces" are ready to head to Parson's. Jerell says, "The things I have to do to cope with the ridicule." Ha, Banter! At Parson's, they start working. Tim enters an hour before the show is to begin. He tells the designers that he thinks they could blow the stilettos off of Diane's "staggering" legs.

Terri says that she hasn't made a blouse for her model to wear. She's screwed. Kenley points out several times that her dress is finished, while others are rushing to finish. Blayne says that he thinks Rayon is going to be in trouble. Korto herself says that she's nervous. She wants to win!

Tim returns 10 minutes before the show to rush them. Joe thinks his look is very polished. So polished, in fact, he worries that it might get lost in some of the "crap" that will be walking down the runway. Leanne says that she's not sure where Joe's confidence is coming from, as (to her) his look resembles a "cheap costume." She's surprised that Joe's still in the competition. Well, I agree with that part, but these guys have A LOT to say about the other one's work, don't they? Somebody needs to make a damn dress and stop looking at their neighbor. Kenley says that she is worried about Stella, because her vest is too bulky.

On the runway, Heidi greets everyone. She introduces Michael, Fern Mallis, Senior Vice-President of IMG Fashion (who I hear from very reliable sources is one helluva nice lady) -- but wait. Where the hell is Nina? I need some sort of explanation. Is she on her book tour? Recovering from plastic surgery? I need to know. Korto interviews that Fern is responsible for the shows at Bryant Park. Heidi introduces Diane as well. And, the show begins.

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