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Even Designers Get The Blues

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Even Designers Get The Blues

Here's Rami's design. It's pretty accomplished. It's a dark short skirt and shirt that is pleated with a flat pane in the middle -- also slimming. The bodice is a wrap and has a cowl neck that opens in the middle. There are zippers along the trim that create a very modern cool look -- and I guess zippers are iconic. There are also buttons on the waist. It fits really well, too, but I'm still getting bored with Rami's stuff. It's all the same butt-hugging, twisty, pleated, textured draping. It has lost its allure for me. Rami thinks his look is dressy and modern,

Next up is Christian's design. It's really tight jeans and a jean jacket. Jacket sleeves make part of the legs of the jeans. He says that he thinks it's pretty amazing what he did. He loves it. It looks good. So good, in fact, that I'm a little unsure what he did, since they started with jeans and jean jackets. It's very Christian, too.

Here's Jillian's look, and it's pretty true to her description -- futuristic. It's a coat that buttons on the left side and has a cowl neck. It falls into a flared skirt that ends below the knee. The sleeves are of a different, darker denim than the rest of the coat. She says that she likes her look, though she wishes that she would have had more time to finish it.

On the runway, Heidi says the judges would like to talk to all of them. All of the models return to the runway. Christian says that he wanted to make a trucker/motorcycle look. Okay, I couldn't see it during the runway show, but there's a helluva lot of detail going on on that jacket. Why don't you want me to see the details, Project Runway editors? Caroline really likes that he used the jacket for the jean. Michael loves the fit, particularly since they're not stretch fabrics.

Chris explains his little black dress idea. Nina says that the little black dress is timeless, but Chris's dress is dated. Caroline thinks that Chris had two ideas and not enough time. Heidi says that she noticed the frayed edges of the strap of fabric on the vertical of the bodice. That's the part that Tim said needed work. He says he left it that way on purpose, but Michael wonders why he didn't experiment with fraying all over the dress. Heidi thinks it looks home-sewn.

Rami explains his design, and Caroline says that it's creative and original. Michael really likes the use of the zippers. He also likes that Rami created separates. Nina is thrilled that Rami worked with a new material. She feels it was very sophisticated.

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