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Even Designers Get The Blues

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Even Designers Get The Blues

The designers leave the runway and the judges start judging. They like Ricky. His work was impeccable, and it was the Ricky they had all been waiting for. We see Ricky shed another tear backstage. Nina liked Christian's design. Caroline liked his concept and Michael admires that he's the only designer to send out a new jean. They thought Sweet P's design was elegant. Nina loved it. Michael loved the zippers on Rami's design. They all appreciated that he worked with a new fabric.

Nina thinks that Jillian had too many ideas. Heidi thought her model looked like a marshmallow. They thought Chris's design was rough, but not rough enough. Michael thought it looked like Joan Cusack in Working Girl, which seems like the weirdest reference to me. She doesn't look like her. I love that movie. They thought that Victorya made a big mistake with starting with a jean a jean jacket. Michael thinks none of it made sense.

The designers return to the stage. Rami is in. RICKY WINS?!? A limited edition of the dress will be sold on Ricky cries with joy. But of course. You know, he seems like a perfectly nice guy. The crying is just too much for me though. It takes over. He goes backstage and tells Rami that he's very happy. He interviews that the judges appreciating his work was winning for him. That's actually how everyone wins. Sweet P is in and burglarized of her victory.

Christian is in. Chris is in. It's down to Jillian and Victorya. Heidi says Jillian's work was unflattering, unfocused, and confusing. Victorya's work was dull and uninspiring. Jillian is in. Yay! I wasn't ready for her to go yet. She hugs Victorya and leaves the stage.

Victorya gets her kisses and leaves the runway. She interviews that she is a competitive person and believes in letting her work speak for itself. Christian hugs her before she leaves, but it doesn't look like anyone else is to torn up. She says that she has only shown a little of who she is as a designer. She intends to have a long and fulfilling career in fashion.

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